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Important Information - Exhibitor Service Center

Be sure to review this information as you prepare for the show.

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Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Halls D & E
801 Mt Vernon Pl NW
Washington, DC 20001


Blaine Event Services
114 S Berry St
Brea, CA 92821
Phone: 800-637-7343 or 714-522-8270
Fax: 714-522-8271

NOTE: All Order Forms for Rental Equipment, Shipping & Material Handling, Labor, Utilities (internet, electric, phone, etc.), and more are in the General Service Contractor’s Service Kit from Blaine.

The following equipment and services are included in the cost of your space.


• One ID sign with company name, city, state, booth number
• Standard display booth drape material – 8’ high, back and side walls
• Aisle carpet; booth carpet
• One-time booth cleaning after set-up
• 24-hour access control
• Full-time service desk
• Full-time staffed exhibitor registration desk
• Standard listing in official show directory, if received by April 1st deadline
• One Post-Show Attendee Registration Report emailed in Excel format

• 8’ draped table placed against back draped wall with 3’ draped side wall
• One ID sign with company name, city, state, booth number
• One straight back chair placed beside the table, against back wall
• One-time booth cleaning after set-up

No children under 14 years of age (children of buyers or exhibitors) will be permitted in classrooms or on the exhibit floor during show hours, move in or move out. Children under the age of one (1) year are permitted as long as they are placed and carried in a front papoose body sling or stroller.

COLOR SCHEME: Light silver drape, grey cloud booth and aisle carpet.

Helium balloons are not permitted in the convention center.

Internet services are provided by SmartCity. Review the form in the Blaine Service Kit for complete options. Note that there is FREE public wifi available at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center for basic email and web browsing. But exhibitors may need individual internet connections for order processing and electronic payments. Please contact SmartCity with internet questions.


  • 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Friday, June 10.
  • “Empty” stickers will be available at the Blaine Event Services desk during move in.


  • 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm Monday, June 13.
  • Please do not start packing before 2:00 pm; please leave aisles clear for the quick delivery of empties.

Photos, video, and online streaming are not allowed without prior consent from the owner, exhibitor, or attendee.


  • Capital Business Center - Due to various union rules and regulations we are not permitted to have outside shipping companies on the show floor.  Please make your own small package shipping arrangements.  Capital Business Center is located inside the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and can help with small package receiving and shipping (  

  • UPS - The nearest UPS Store is located at 455 Massachusetts Ave NW.
    Phone: (202) 898-4940 - Hours: Monday thru Friday 9-7, Saturday 9-5, Closed Sunday

Smoking is not permitted in the convention facilities.

Literature, fliers, handouts, shopping bags, publications, catalogues, samples, etc., may only be distributed by exhibitors within the confines of their contracted exhibit space. Any materials found in other areas will be disposed of immediately. Exhibiting publishers may distribute one copy of their publications at each booth.


Blaine Event Services requests that exhibitors do not tip their employees. They are paid an excellent wage, denoting a professional status, and they feel that tipping is not necessary. This applies to all Blaine Event Services employees.

To assist you in planning your participation in the show, we are certain you will appreciate knowing in advance that Washington DC utilizes union labor.  Please review the union guidelines in the Blaine Service Kit.





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1. ELIGIBILITY: Show Management reserves the right to determine eligibility of any applicant for inclusion in the Show after evaluation of the applicant’s account with the show.

2. SPACE RENTAL CHARGE: Included in the space rental charge are: all services and equipment as stated in the space package, promotional advertising, standard listing in the official show directory (if received by deadline date), and a post-show registration listing.

3. PAYMENTS AND REFUNDS: All applications for space must be accompanied by appropriate deposits to be valid, and total payment must be received before deadline or space can be reassigned.  Full payment required 60 days prior to show. Payments not made within 60 days of the show will be charged a 5% additional charge on any balance due. Unpaid exhibitors will not be permitted to set up or move in until paid in full. If assignment of space cannot be made, deposits will be refunded or applied to another show. Deposit will not be refunded after assignment of space has been made.  If an exhibitor has to cancel his or her space due to reasonable circumstances, as determined by Management, a refund will be made of all costs minus the deposit if assignment has been made, but no refund will be made if cancellation is received after deadline for total payment of space.

4. Booth Assignments: Assignments are made in several rounds.  Round 1 – those companies who signed up at one of two previous shows, in accordance with the seniority point system.  Round 2 – those companies that signed up between January 12 and March 14, in accordance with the seniority point system.  For Rounds 1 & 2, choice of booth space will be given to the exhibitors in order of seniority points beginning with the highest cumulative points.  In the event of a tie, priority will be given to the exhibitor whose contract was received by the earliest date.  Round 3 – those companies who come in after March 14 will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis after assignments have been made to exhibitors who qualified under the point system.

All requests for changes should be made in writing. If a previous exhibitor wants to change to a different booth, his request will be considered if his request is received before the deadline date (April 1, 2016). NOTE: A $50 per booth change fee will be made for any changes in booth locations after the initial assignment is made. A $100 per booth change fee will be charged for a second booth location change. These changes will be subject to availability of space and time of request (prior to publication of show directory.)

Space assignment will be made with consideration for the individual’s preference to location as much as possible but in keeping with the best interest of the show. It is advisable that exhibitors inform Management of any company or exhibit from which they wish to be kept separated, so Management will know of the situation. Assignments are made with due regard for the total show and it is to be understood that the Management’s assignments are final. Management reserves the right to change the floor plan if deemed necessary in the best interest of the Show.

5. SUBLETTING OF SPACE: Exhibitors will display only merchandise regularly sold by company whose firm name is on contract. Exhibitors are prohibited from assigning, sharing, subletting a space or any part of the space to anyone else.

6. CANCELLATION OF CONTRACT: In the event of cancellation or interruption of the show due to fire, strikes, government regulations, act of God, or any other cause beyond control, the Management shall determine an equitable basis for the refund of such portion of Entrance, Publicity, Directory, and Exhibit Fee as is possible after consideration of expenditures and commitments already made. If for any reason the location of the show is changed, no refund will be made, but Management must be able to assign exhibitor space in lieu of original space.

7. LIABILITY: All property of the exhibitor is to remain under the control of the exhibitor, subject to the rules and regulations of the exposition. It is advised that exhibitors carry an insurance rider policy to cover exhibits and samples against loss and damage. This and also liability insurance should be discussed with your own insurance broker.

Exhibitors should use prudence in the care of their samples while in the show and not leave their merchandise unattended during show hours and, during move out, keep all merchandise within their space area and consolidate their display as much as possible to ensure, in the confused nature of move out time, that merchandise is not misplaced.

Exhibitors are responsible to carry public liability insurance against injury to the person and property of others and to insure exhibit material against damage or loss.

No one under age 14 will be admitted to the trade show floor or educational sessions at any time except for babes in arms under the age of one (1) year as long as baby is placed in front carrier or in a stroller.  This includes set-up and move-out days. 

Animals are not permitted on the show floor, with the exception of service animals who have the proper certification and vest.

In the event that litigation is brought arising out of or in any way resulting from this Agreement or the subject matter of this Agreement, it is hereby agreed that the undersigned exhibitor shall pay all of Offinger Management Company/The National NeedleArts Association’s costs and fees, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred in such litigation upon the entry by the court in which litigation takes place of a final judgment in favor of Offinger Management Company/The National NeedleArts Association.

The parties to this agreement hereby agree that this Agreement is entered into in Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio, and that any disputes between the parties to this Agreement arising out of or in any way connected with this Agreement or the interpretation of the terms and conditions contained therein shall be governed by Ohio law and the jurisdiction of Ohio courts to the fullest extent permitted, and that the sole and exclusive venue for any suit or action between the parties to this Agreement arising out of or in any way related to this Agreement shall be the Muskingum County Common Pleas Court of Muskingum County, Ohio.

Any action relating to or arising out of this Agreement or the subject matter thereof must be brought within one year of the date on which the cause of action sought to be enforced accrued.

8. FIRE REGULATIONS: All fire regulations must be adhered to in accordance with the local fire department and Fire Underwriters specifications. All display materials, including props, decorations and all fabrics or other material used for decoration or covering of tables, risers, etc., must be flameproof and electrical equipment must meet specifications of all codes. All building electrical connections and disconnections must be obtained through the Service Desk and building approved electricians. All wiring must meet specifications. Exhibitor shall not allow his or her display to block view or access to safety equipment. Any demonstration or device using any type of combustible fuel, with or without an open flame, must be cleared with the building and fire authorities before it can be brought into the exposition facility. Each exhibitor is charged with the knowledge and compliance of all laws, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention, and public safety while participating in the show.

9. EXHIBITS: All space arrangements shall conform in all respects to the dimensional and height requirements as indicated in the Exhibit Kit on page 11.  The exhibit should be such that it does not interfere with other exhibits or restrict access to them, or interfere in the free aisle space by any audio, video, sensory, or physical means. Exhibitor’s own signs can be used but must be inside space area. Signage hung from the ceiling, rafters or catwalk is prohibited.

Any fines and fees imposed on Show Management due to the use of licensed music by an exhibitor will be billed to the offending exhibitor. No giveaways, raffles, donations, food or drink, or other promotional measures are allowed unless by written authorization of the Show Management in advance of the exposition. Distribution of helium balloons is not allowed. All special events to be held in booths using special props, additional electric and AV must provide the plan to show Management for review prior to the opening of the Show. Distribution of any material must be approved and must be made from within the exhibitor’s own space, and must be of such nature as not to interfere with the character of the exposition. Promotions, such as models, booth personnel, materials, and catalogs must be consistent in dress and nature with the dignity and image of the exposition, and costumed personnel must be confined to inside the respective spaces. The booth design and exterior must be suitably furnished or covered by the exhibitor. Display must be adequate enough to support exhibitor’s samples and so constructed as to be sturdy enough to not collapse, nor be such that display leans or rests against an adjacent space. Exhibit structures must be constructed to allow a 2” tolerance on each side for booth equipment such as side rails. Exhibitor must allow ample room at back of the space for access to electrical wiring. At least 9” is recommended. IMPORTANT: Pinning, hanging or fastening any item to the drape is strictly forbidden (Table Top Exhibitors will be allowed to hang items from back drape). No animals, reptiles, birds, rodents or insects will be allowed on premises. Exhibitors are to display in only the space allocated to them. No other area of the exhibit hall or other gathering place (hall, hotel, etc.) of the attendees (Buyers) can be used in any way. Displays must be set up and ready by opening hour of the show. Exhibits must be staffed during Show hours. Exhibitor should make arrangements to pack at the end of the exhibit hours the final day, and make sure to have personnel remain with the display until it is finally packed. It is advised that exhibitor inform drayage contractor of outbound shipping plans prior to the shows closing. Any merchandise or items left at the show will be considered abandoned. Early tear down is prohibited. If a booth is dismantled prior to the shows closing at 2:00 pm the exhibitor may be fined $500.00 and will not be allowed to show at the same show next year.

10. INTENT OF EXPOSITION: The Exposition (Trade Show) is a wholesale marketplace where exhibitors may write orders for future delivery; bring merchandise to sell from their booth for immediate delivery, or both. No retailing is permitted. Management will make a concerted effort to keep the exhibits compatible with the nature of the exposition. Wholesale is defined as selling merchandise to tax exempt buyers (retailers) who have the express intent to resell/retail merchandise to the consumer.

11. CONDUCT: It is a violation of Show Rules for an (uninvited) exhibitor to enter another exhibitor’s booth at any time. The violator will be fined $50.00 (payable to TNNA). Exhibitors are prohibited from photographing by any means another exhibitor’s booth. Access control personnel are instructed to allow EXHIBITORS ONLY in the show one hour before the show opens on show days and to strictly enforce that exhibitors be restricted to their own space and access aisles and service areas. (Exception is Private Appointments with monitoring by Show Management.)  No exhibitor will be admitted without a badge. Loitering, soliciting of trade, congregating of salesmen in the aisles, booth entrances, or in lobby areas is NOT PERMITTED. Selling in the aisles and “buttonholing” of buyers who walk in the aisles is NOT PERMITTED. No exhibitor shall sponsor any activity off show premises during show hours. Early packing is prohibited. Every exhibitor agrees to keep his exhibit open during published show hours and is bound by these rules and regulations to not dismantle his exhibit until published closing time on the last day. An exhibitor who packs and leaves early may be fined $500.00 and will not be allowed to show at the same show next year.

12. RESERVATIONS OF RIGHTS: Management reserves the right to demand release of space before or during the show for failure of exhibitors or their representatives to conform to the rules and regulations or failure to pay all space rental costs; to re-allot space at any time; to offer requested space when available; to make space assignments, to reject any and all applications as this is a closed show and displays and products must conform to the general nature of the show and be compatible with the character and objective of the exposition. Management reserves the right without written notice to amend these rules, regulations and conditions or to issue additions as it deems necessary for the good and well-being of the show.



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It is show management's responsibility to establish rules or guidelines while allowing the greatest flexibility within each exhibit. The exhibitor’s responsibility is to “be a good neighbor” while displaying his/her product or service. Review the following guidelines and please use them in developing your display so you maximize the impact of your exhibit and “be a good neighbor.”

1) Side walls are specified as 8' high (unless Table Top, which is 3’ high side walls).

2) Back wall in any booth location can be 12' high if, at the exhibitor's expense, he covers any exposed part of that back wall which is above 8' and which faces another exhibitor. No materials may be taped to Convention Center walls.

3) Island Booth above the 12' height restrictions must be approved by Show Management.

NOTE: Display panel backing over 8’ in height may not carry any commercial marking that might infringe upon adjacent exhibits. (See Show Rules, Regulations & Conditions)

Do not place your demonstration area on the aisle line of your exhibit if you expect people to congregate at one time. Leave space within your own exhibit area to absorb the majority of the crowd. Should spectators interfere with the normal traffic in the aisles or overflow into the exhibits of your neighbors on each side or across the aisle, Show Management will have no alternative but to request that you limit or eliminate the presentation. The aisles are the property of all the exhibitors; therefore, each exhibitor has the responsibility to assure proper flow of traffic through the entire show. When large crowds gather to watch a demonstration or entertainment and interfere with the flow of aisle traffic or create excessive crowds in neighboring booths, this is an infringement on the other exhibitor’s rights. Aisles must not be obstructed at any time.

Police your own booth to be sure the noise level from any demonstrations or sound systems is kept to a minimum and does not interfere with others. Remember, the use of sound systems or equipment producing sound is an exception to the rule, not a right. Show Management reserves the right to determine at what point sound constitutes interference with others and must be discontinued.

STANDARD BOOTH (10' deep x 10' wide) (5' deep x 10' wide):
One or more standard units in a straight line. Booths come equipped with 8' high back wall drape and have 8' high side wall drape partitions. All booths will be confined to a maximum height of 12'; however, any portion of a display extending above the 8' high draped booth background will detract from the overall impact of the exhibit directly behind that booth. Therefore, the offending exhibitor must install, at his expense, 12' high drape in the Show's colors.

Exhibit structures must be constructed to allow a 2" tolerance on each side for booth equipment such as side rails and a 9" tolerance for utility service at rear of booth.

One standard unit equipped with 8’ high back wall drape and 3’ side drape partitions with 8’ table (placed against the back drape) with one straight chair placed beside the table. Display must remain that way throughout the show. All booths will be confined to a maximum height of 12’. Tabletop displays must be on the table top only. Freestanding floor displays and use of booth divider drape is not permitted.

Four or more spaces back-to-back with an aisle on three sides.

Identification sign and canopies will be permitted to a maximum height of 12'.

Peninsula booths are normally “faced” toward the cross aisle. Any portion of the exhibit bordering another exhibitor’s booth must have the back side of that portion extending above the 8' high draped side walls, draped 12' high in the Show's colors at the offend¬ing exhibitor's expense, and not carry identification or other copy that would detract from the adjoining exhibit.

Two or more spaces back-to-back with an aisle on three sides.

Identification sign and canopies will be permitted to a maximum height of 12'.

Endcap booths are normally "faced" toward the cross aisles. Any portion of the exhibit bordering another exhibitor’s booth must have the back side of that portion extending above the 8' high draped side walls, draped 12' high in the Show's colors at the offend¬ing exhibitor's expense, and not carry identification signs or other copy that would detract from the adjoining exhibit.

Standard booth located on the outer perimeter wall of the floor plan.

Exhibit materials up to 12' in height will be permitted in perimeter wall booths. Since the outer perimeter booths are not backed up against another exhibitor's booth, display backwalls and materials over 8' will not interfere with or distract from any exhibit booth.

Four or more spaces back-to-back with an open aisle on all four sides.

Identification sign and canopies will be permitted to a maximum height of 12'.

8' or 12’ high drape can be placed on any side of an island booth.



Exhibit Planning Grid





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  1. Try to be on site when your product is being delivered to your booth.
  2. Conduct a physical inventory after your product has been delivered, noting any missing or damaged items.
  3. When setting up your booth, place your products within a visible vicinity.
  4. After setting up your booth, conduct a visual inventory of your product and the way in which it is displayed.
  5. Store any excess product or giveaways either with the decorator or in a locked cabinet.
  6. Either carry electronic equipment with you or store it in a locked cabinet.
  7. Utilize overnight security storage if available.
  8. Cover your displays with a tarp or other non-see-through materials; it creates a mental block to any perpetrator.
  9. When arriving in the morning, go directly to your booth to prevent any early personnel from free shopping in your booth.
  10. During the start of move-out, please stay with your booth until you either pack it or the official decorator brings your empties and packs it.
  11. At the closing of the show, don't leave your booth immediately; spend some time in your booth until the floor clears. This is one of the premium times during which theft occurs.
  12. Display your product in such a way that it is not accessible from outside your booth during the event.
  13. Blocking the entrance to your booth prior to leaving provides a mental barricade to any perpetrator. Use either caution tape or place chairs at the entrance.
  14. Try to greet anyone that comes into your booth as this will send a signal that you are aware of their presence; this will discourage any perpetrators from attempting to steal.
  15. Obtain proper insurance coverage for your goods, including transit to and from the show site.


  1. Leave your product scattered all over your booth.
  2. Forget to account for your product when it is delivered to your booth.
  3. Put any valuables in areas with easy access.
  4. Leave immediately after event closing or move-out begins.
  5. Leave electronic equipment on tables, shelves, or in other areas without securing it during non-event hours.
  6. Leave your booth unattended to go shopping on the floor during event time.
  7. Allow yourself to become less aware of persons approaching or leaving your booth during the event.
  8. Leave purses or briefcases on tables near the entrance of the booth or in an unattended blind spot.
  9. Leave any prototype product unsecured in your booth.
  10. Leave your bill of lading unattended in your booth.
  11. Secure any purses, briefcases, or valuables behind drapes or underneath tables. This is the first place that any perpetrator will be targeting.
  12. Leave your booth unattended during lunch time. Try to work out a schedule between you and your co-workers to stagger your lunches.



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Emergencies and disasters are unpredictable and can strike without warning. Pre-planning and preparing for effective emergency action will benefit everyone involved in our show. Failure of advance emergency preparation may result in injury or death to personnel, loss or damage of facilities, property and equipment. Everyone should make an effort to do their part in any given emergency situation. The following are only suggestions:


  1. Do not move the injured or ill person. Try to make them comfortable.
  2. Notify the Show Office/Registration Desk at once.
  3. Immediately following the situation, give a full report to Show Management.


  1. Upon arrival, make yourself and your exhibit personnel aware of the nearest fire alarm, fire hose, extinguisher and fire exit.
  2. Upon discovery of a fire, immediately notify Show Management so that emergency procedures can be initiated.
  3. Never attempt to extinguish a fire before notifying Show Management.
  4. Make every attempt to protect yourself, other exhibitors, attendees and property.
  6. Cooperate with any directive given by Show Management or Hall Personnel.
  7. If evacuation is necessary, please cooperate as quickly as possible. Get clear of the building. Do not attempt to re-enter the building until an “ALL CLEAR” is issued by the authorities. Once approval is given, exhibitors will be permitted to re-enter the hall, then attendees.


  1. Once you have checked into your hotel, take time to become familiar with your surroundings. Check your room for any type of fire hazard such as unsafe electrical fixtures, etc. Check your floor for the location of fire exits, fire hoses and fire extinguishers. Keep in mind, your purpose is to be prepared, helping to eliminate panic.
  2. If a fire alarm is sounded, before you leave your room, feel the room door. If it is hot, stay in your room. Place wet towels under and around your door to keep smoke from entering your room.
  3. If you smell smoke in your room, get down on your hands and knees. The air there will be cooler and safer to breathe. Use a wet towel or other cloth material and place it over your nose and mouth. It will help filter out some of the smoke and carbon monoxide.
  4. Never jump from your window. You have a better chance to survive the fire and smoke than you do the fall.
  5. If a heavy amount of smoke gets into your room, try to open the window and lie down on the balcony ledge. If you cannot open the window or lift it out, then break the glass. NOTE: Breaking the glass should be the last resort.
  6. If your room door is not hot, open it slightly and check the area for smoke. Evacuate the building by the closest fire exit. IMPORTANT: Any time you leave your room, make sure you take your room key and close the door behind you. There is the possibility you may be forced to return to your room.
  7. To evacuate the building, always use the fire stairways. Never use the elevators. Once you have evacuated the building, never go back inside until the Fire Department confirms that it is safe.

Private Appointment Hours

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Saturday 8:00 a.m.
9:15 a.m.
Sunday 8:00 a.m.
9:15 a.m.
Monday 7:30 a.m.
8:45 a.m.

A Private Appointment check-in table and a TNNA staff member will be located at the main entrance of the exhibit hall to check each Private Appointment in and out.


It is not necessary to provide us with your scheduled appointments. Simply make your appointments with your clients, instruct them to check in and meet you at the check-in table at the front of the exhibit hall. Once your meeting is finished, please escort your client to the table for check-out.

Strolling through the aisles and entering unmanned booths is NOT permitted (by you or your customers).


Please plan your appointment so your client can exit promptly after the announcement. Staff will have only 15 minutes to secure the hall before show opening. This procedure has been established to assist our security personnel in checking badges.


Vendor / Rep Connection

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Sunday, June 12  |  8:00 - 8:45 a.m.

(prior to the Manufacturers' Rep Meeting)

Continental Breakfast Included

  • Are you looking for a manufacturers' rep for your company?

  • Need someone to help you with exposure of your product to shops?

  • Need someone with industry experience and knowledge to guide you?

  • Are you a manufacturers' rep looking for companies to represent?
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