Spinning and weaving have a timeless allure. Making yarn and cloth fulfills a deep human need for engaging; it is creative work that provides our everyday lives with beautiful objects. The handcraft market is expanding, fueled by a new generation of enthusiasts eager to cultivate a passion for spinning and weaving.

At the same time, the women and men of the boomer generation—a vast group—are moving into their years of self-fulfillment with more disposable income than ever before. They are ready to come back to the crafts that they first discovered in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Spinning and Weaving Group recognizes the need for a unifying voice that speaks for all of us who make our livelihood through spinning and weaving.

Our current efforts are focused on:

  • Sponsoring Spinzilla, a new consumer event held during Spinning and Weaving Week. To learn more, visit spinzilla.org
  • Creating a high profile presence for the crafts of spinning and weaving at TNNA trade shows
  • Working with TNNA partners to generate market specific data
  • Keeping membership informed via electronic newsletters, website, and social media channels

We are looking for committee members for our Membership, Show Presence, and Spinzilla committees. Join us, and help grow the spinning and weaving market.


Join SWG to strengthen the spinning and weaving community.
Join SWG to network with other spinning and weaving business owners.
Join SWG to receive advance notice of spinning and weaving events in which to participate.
Join SWG to help shape the future of spinning and weaving in the marketplace.


Membership in the Spinning and Weaving Group will provide your business with benefits at each level.

Member benefits will grow as our membership grows.


Promotional opportunities. Participate in a coordinated campaign to educate and excite the general public about spinning and weaving through Spinning and Weaving Week in collaboration with The Handweavers Guild of America.

Educational opportunities. Provide teacher training and educational how-to literature on spinning and weaving, including:

  • Syllabi for effectively teaching spinning and weaving
  • Teacher-to-teacher training at Convergence and The National NeedleArts Association Trade Shows
  • Educational materials for teaching spinning and weaving

Networking opportunities. Take part in formal and informal gatherings and information exchanges, such as:

  • Wholesale night at Convergence
  • Spinning and Weaving Group meetings at The National NeedleArts Association trade shows

Member-only information on this web site. Get the inside information on:

  • A list of teachers and the workshops they teach
  • Business information that includes accounting and tax tips
  • Organizational minutes and business reports
  • Quarterly newsletter with business news and notes, calendar of events, resources, and industry chat
  • A comprehensive calendar of events

Opportunities to improve your business. Take part in seminars to help your business grow. Find out how to:

  • Pick the right software for your business
  • Select an effective inventory on a small budget

Trade shows. Promote spinning and weaving at appropriate trade and consumer shows, such as:

  • The National NeedleArts Association trade shows at Long Beach, California, and Columbus, Ohio

Group power. SWG makes it easy to:

  • Support advocacy for our trade industry through co-op advertising
  • Conduct surveys and collect market data on the business of spinning and weaving

Exposure. Benefit from listing on this website



  • Help support the growth of spinning and weaving for future generations
  • Receive e-mail bulletins about special events in your area
  • Enjoy access to the general public section of the website
  • Be included in a teacher/designer list for retailers' use
  • Receive updates on Spinning and Weaving Week (the first week in October)

Membership and Dues:
Interested members must first join TNNA before joining the Spinning & Weaving Group.

SWG Product Segment Group Dues: $75

Retail level (consumer-oriented):
Retail store, mail-order, and web businesses

SWG Product Segment Group Dues: $25

Affiliate level:
Designers, teachers, organizations, publishers, Manufacturer/Supply/Sourcing, Manufacturer's Reps, Finishers

SWG Product Segment Group Dues: $15

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