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About TNNA

The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA) strives to advance our community of businesses by encouraging the passion and leadership for needlearts through education, industry knowledge exchange and a strong marketplace.

Our Mission

The National NeedleArts Association advances its community of businesses by encouraging the passion and leadership for needlearts through education, industry knowledge exchange and a strong marketplace.

Our Vision

The National NeedelArts Association is dedicated to the vision of successful independent businesses inspiring needleart in every community every day.

Our Bylaws

The TNNA Board of Directors approved the revised bylaws during the meeting held June 24 -25, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio. There were several changes made to the existing bylaws that will go to the membership for vote in September. Please click here to view the review timeline.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Standards

In Cleveland at our recent TNNA event we hosted a Diversity and Inclusion Town Hall. The live recording is now available for all our members to view. Please click here to view the recording.

Our Code of Conduct

This TNNA Code of Conduct outlines principles for all TNNA members to adhere to and uphold as well as specific types of conduct that are either required or prohibited. Violations of the TNNA Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action. The TNNA calls upon its members to follow high ethical standards relating to integrity and respect for the rights, dignity, and diversity of others.

Although this Code of Conduct provides standards of conduct for many situations, it does not cover all possible situations that may arise. Accordingly, all members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the spirit and letter of this Code of Conduct and to avoid even the appearance of improper behavior. This Code of Conduct may be amended at any time by majority vote of the TNNA Board of Directors.

Our Strategic Plan

In October 2017, the Board of Directors approved TNNA's 2018 - 2021 strategic plan. The plan provides a roadmap through 2021 that creates focus in order to align TNNA’s resources for maximum impact.


Our Structure

As a membership organization, TNNA offers you, the needlearts professional, the opportunity to take an active role in shaping our industry. The association's structure has been created to enable people from all the needlearts disciplines to come together, voice their needs, opinions and concerns, and help mold a successful future. 

TNNA Organization

  • Board of Directors The Board of Directors is made up of nine Wholesale Members, the Immediate Past President, Product Segment Chairs, and Retail Council Chair.
  • Committees
    • Bylaw Committee
    • Content Committee
    • NEW - Diversity and Inclusion Committee
    • Local Yarn Store Day Committee
    • Marketing & Social Committee
    • Membership Committee
    • Spinzilla Committee

  • Media Member Sections
    • Retail (Business to Consumer)
      Governed by Retail Council
    • Wholesale (Business to Business)
      All exhibitors
    • Affiliates
      • Academic or Museum
      • Professionals
      • Business & Creative Services
      • Manufacturer's Representative
      • Organization
      • Publisher

How We Operate
With our members in mind, the TNNA Board of Directors steers our association, determining TNNA's strategic goals and answering the key questions, "Where?", "What?", "Why?", and "When?". TNNA's management and staff members drive the association's goals forward by performing the key action items required to complete each goal. They answer the key questions, "How?", "How much?", and "Who?"

Our Website Privacy Policy

Download the policy here. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the policy, contact info@tnna.org.