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TNNA Board Elections

TNNA elections for 2019-2020 have closed. Please watch for ballot to be posted on September 3, 2019. 

TNNA Criteria for candidates:

  • Candidates must be an owner, principal, officer or manager of the owner, if the owner is an entity such as a corporation, limited liability company or partnership. Principal is defined as an individual who serves as a Director of a corporation, member of a limited liability company or partner of a partnership and is active in the entity on a day to day basis.
  • Candidates must be members of the association for at least one year.
  • Candidates selected must maintain the balance of the Board/Council to represent all needlearts interest areas (ie: yarn, needlepoint, cross-stitch, etc.)
  • Candidates must exhibit the potential to become an officer.
  • Candidates must be willing to commit time and travel to Board meetings (3 per year).
  • Candidates must be capable of placing the association’s purposes and interests above his or her professional and personal interests when making decisions as a Board Member.

Below are the six qualities the TNNA Board of Directors deemed necessary to be a successful member of the board for 2019-2021. The board is providing this list to the nominating committee to assist them in evaluating potential board members to add to the slate. 

  1. Puts his/her agenda and segment perspectives aside and does what’s best for the organization
  2. Sees the big picture
  3. Embraces change
  4. Is accepting of people with opinions different than his/hers
  5. Understands the organization’s finances and takes fiscal responsibility
  6. Has a strong commitment to the mission and culture of the organization

Additionally, all board members should demonstrate the following traits:

  • Work well on a team
  • Be mature and emotionally secure
  • Maintain Confidentially
  • Embrace the culture and strategic plan of TNNA

2018 - 2019 TNNA Board of Directors

Don Lynch

Board President
Associated Talents, Inc.Don Lynch

Courtney Kelley

Board Vice President
Kelbourne WoolensCourtney Kelley

Jacqueline Sava

Board Secretary/Treasurer
Soak Wash, Inc.
Jacqueline Sava

Diane Bertelson

Pepperberry Designs


Pino Blangiforti

Unicorn Editions, LTD


Alexandra "Sasha" Parks

Dashing Mouse Designs


Heather Zoppetti

Stitch Sprouts


Oz Barron

Yarn Group Chair & Board Representative
Ball & Skein & More

Tom Collingham

Needlepoint Group Chair & Board Representative
Colonial Needle


Penny Franz

Counted Thread & Embroidery Group Chair & Board Representative
Ewe Count

Penny Franz

Nancy Laux

Retail Council Chair & Board Representative
Yarns Etc., Inc.


Angela Smith

Spinning & Weaving Group Chair & Board Representative 
Purl & Loop


Dave Van Stralen

Immediate Past President
Louet North America

Dave VanStralen