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Branded Content on Facebook: Policies and Pitfalls

Posted By TNNA Editor, Thursday, August 9, 2018

By Sandi Rosner, Stitchcraft Marketing

In April 2016, Facebook rolled out its branded content tool as a way to streamline the collaboration between content creators and business partners. When this tool is used to tag a sponsoring brand on a post, both the creator and the sponsor are able view reach and engagement statistics, run the post as an ad, or boost the post. Over time, Facebook’s policies regarding branded content have evolved. In this post, we’ll look at how the current branded content guidelines apply to crafty businesses.

What is branded content?

Facebook defines branded content as content “produced by a publisher or creator for payment by a business partner, where the partner influences the content or is featured in it.”

Are you a publisher, a creator, or a business partner?

According to Facebook, creators are celebrities, influencers or public figures. Publishers refer to media companies and entities. Business partners include brands, advertisers, marketers or sponsors. So, if you are a yarn company working with a popular blogger to produce content for Facebook, you are the business partner and the blogger is the creator.

Must you use the branded content tool?

If you are receiving money or other compensation to post branded content, the simple answer is yes. As a creator or influencer, if you are being paid or if you are receiving free product in exchange for a Facebook post promoting a brand, Facebook requires you to use their branded content Tool to tag that post. Whether the post is a photo of your work in progress with a mention of the brand in the caption, an unboxing video, or a full-blown product review, if you’re being compensated, you must tag the post as branded content. Remember, an exchange of money is not the determining factor. If you are given free product with the understanding that you will post a photo on your Facebook Page, this is considered an exchange of value. That post needs to be tagged as branded content.

If you’re not being paid, and you weren’t given free product, then you do not need to use the branded content Tool. If you are a brand creating posts featuring your own products, you do not need to use the branded content tool.

If you are sharing content via your personal Facebook profile, you do not need to use the branded content tool. The tool is only applicable to Facebook Pages, or business accounts.

How does the branded content tool work?

You must first request access to the tool via the link here. You can only request access for Pages for which you are an administrator.

Once your access is approved (Facebook says within an hour), head over to your page and create a post as you usually would.

You’ll see a new icon at the bottom of the post that looks like a handshake: Click this icon to get a pop-up that lets you add the name of your business partner. You can also enable or disable your partner’s ability to boost your post or use it for an ad.

Your published post will look like this one, with the business partner’s name appearing after the word “with”.

Note that “Paid” appears next to the date/time stamp. If you boost the post or use it as a paid Facebook ad that Paid indicator will change to Sponsored.

If you are the business partner, you will receive a notification when you are tagged in a branded content post. Clicking on that notification will take you to the branded content section of your page.

You can review the post, share it on your own Page, view engagement and reach metrics, and boost the post if you like. You can also remove a branded content tag if you feel you were tagged in error.

If you tag a post as branded content, do you still have to disclose the business relationship?

Yes, you do. Use of the branded content Tool does not fulfil your legal obligation to disclose the commercial nature of a post.

How does Facebook enforce the use of the branded content tool?

Facebook’s systems scan posts for clues that branded content may be involved. If a post from your Page mentions that the content was “sponsored”, or that you were gifted the product, you may receive a notification like this:


A post shared by your page may go against our branded content policies. Our policies require that branded content is tagged using our branded content tool. Your content contains self-disclosure indicating that it is branded content, though it has not been tagged using our tool. If you'd like to post branded content, please tag your business partner using the branded content tool. Learn more about our Branded content policies here. If you think your content follows our guidelines, please let us know: Click here to appeal

Thanks, The Facebook Team”

Facebook won’t remove your post, but it will exclude it from users’ News Feed. It will still live on your Page. To restore the post to News Feed, you can add the appropriate branded content tag. You can file an appeal if you don’t think the branded content rules apply to your post.

You may also receive notification of a violation if your post does not comply with specific rules about the content of the post. Notably, you should not tag a Page or brand without their prior consent, and you must not accept compensation for posting content that you did not create and which does not feature you.

The pros and cons of branded content

As a brand, or business partner, the branded content Tool gives you easy access to data about how your influencer partnerships are performing. You can see reach and engagement stats for each post. You can easily repurpose the content as part of your Facebook advertising program.

As a content creator, the branded content Tool helps leverage your partnership with a company whose audience is similar to your own, and is likely to be interested in your content.

But the branded content Tool also gives Facebook more control over what content is seen and by whom. Facebook has two strong motives for clearly tagging branded content. First, branded content that is not supported by paid advertising may be displayed to users less frequently. Second, Facebook is in the midst of a campaign to regain users’ trust. As it tries to remind users of the reason they joined in the first place, branded content will likely take a back seat to videos of the grandkids’ birthday parties.

How can you make sure your content doesn’t get buried? Don’t be spammy. Be authentic. Speak to your audience as you would to a friend. The goal is to post content your customer thinks is worth sharing.

Stitchcraft Marketing can help you plan and implement an effective Facebook strategy as part of your overall social media marketing plan. Contact for more information.

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A Message From TNNA Leadership

Posted By TNNA Editor, Wednesday, August 8, 2018


We wanted to share some key highlights from the June trade show and Board meeting.

2018 Summer NeedleArts Trade Show Event Recap

TNNA was excited to be in Cleveland, Ohio for the 2018 NeedleArts Trade Show. We offered many ways for the attendees to interact with exhibitors and to see the latest trends and products.  Thank you to so many of you that attended. 

Final Attendee Numbers
Attendee Registration:  685
Exhibitor Registration:  491 
Total Registrants: 1,176

Total number of exhibiting companies: 182

Thank you to everyone that completed the June Show survey. Listed below are some key highlights:

1.  Completed by 225 attendees
2.  60% indicated orders/purchases was the primary motivation for attending the event
3.  Nearly 34% indicated they spend between 11-15 hours on the show floor
4.  When asked “What were two to three things you enjoyed the most about the Summer Trade Show?” top responses included:

  • Loved getting to meet industry leaders as well as newbies. Had lots of fun networking. And the classes were invaluable, really appreciate the continued education.
  • The Fashion Show and SampleIT!
  • Meeting new contacts. Seeing and learning new things
  • Seeing new vendors and re-connecting with old friends 
  • Location, convention center, floor layout 
  • Organization

5.  What members had to say:

“This was my first TNNA and it was so much fun! It was great to actually see the designers/vendors and actually put a name to a face and hear their stories on how or why they created things. It’s great to have a face instead of just a business name.”  – Kelli Nienstedt, Owner, Crafty Lady Trio

“The classes and the networking are invaluable to me.  I was able to connect with more business owners this year and share experiences. It really does help. I love the business classes, sometimes just changing one or two things in the day to day operations makes all the difference in the world.  I wouldn't have this opportunity if it wasn't for TNNA.”  – Pamela Steele, Owner, Pamela Roose, Specialty Hand Knits & Yarn

2019 Winter NeedleArts Market Save the Date!

Thursday, January 31 - Sunday, February 3, 2019

Embassy Suites by Hilton Portland Washington Square | Portland, Oregon

What to Expect
The TNNA 2019 Winter NeedleArts Market will be the perfect event to kick off the new year! With access to technical and business education, continuous networking and must-have products, the Winter Market will help you enter 2019 with the latest styles and trends and new knowledge to expand and revitalize your business!

Following the same format as the 2018 Winter NeedleArts Market, exhibitors will take over suites that will turn into showrooms. In addition, there will be increased space for booths in the ballroom to display the latest products. This hotel show layout allows you to receive the face-time with exhibiting companies providing more opportunities to engage in conversations with wholesalers and exhibitors about the latest products and trends in the needlearts market! Watch for registration opening the week of October 15.

Highlights from the Board Meeting

The TNNA Board of Directors met for a day and a half at the end of the show. Some of the topics discussed were as follows:

1.  New TNNA website launch coming the week of October 15
2.  Approved the 2017 audit
3.  Reaffirmed the strategic plan

Thank you for your participation and service to TNNA.

Our best,

Don Lynch, President

Susan Lane, Executive Director

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Meet the Lifestyle Health Plans TNNA Benefits Program!

Posted By TNNA Editor, Wednesday, August 8, 2018

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How to Prepare Your Team for Spinzilla

Posted By TNNA Editor, Thursday, July 26, 2018

This article was featured on the Spinzilla 2017 blog.

By Jaime Jennings

It is August and that means it’s time to start thinking about Spinzilla! With team sign ups increasing day by day, I have some great ideas for anyone interested in hosting a team to help make Spinzilla a successful, community-building event for your store or brand. 

Since we are a shop located in Denver, almost all of our team members are local. One of the keys to our Spinzilla success has been our team spinning meetups and prep work. It is important to host a team meeting before Spinzilla starts to get your team amped up and ready for the competition. Even for teams with non-local members, hosting a Google Hangout planning session, or setting up a communication board will help get everyone planning and excited. 

At our team’s pre-Spinzilla meeting, we encourage our team members to bring any fiber they need to prep. We set up as many drum carders as possible and have them available to our team. It is helpful to have all fiber prep done before Spinzilla starts so your week of Spinzilla can be dedicated to spinning. Carding and pre-drafting is a great way to get ready and save valuable time. This meeting is important for our team to meet each other and build camaraderie. We talk about our spinning plans and goals for the week. 

Every year we pick a slogan for our team and then design and screen print tees for the group. These have included “Clear Eyes, Wool Hearts, Can’t Lose!” (Friday Night Lights), “Back with a Roar” (tiger crushing a spinning wheel), and “Hail to the Horned” (metal themed sheep skull) and “We will crush you with our soft fibers!” Shirts are distributed to our team at our inaugural team preparation meeting. We also have team members choose their own spinning name for the year that fits with the theme. A few of our favorites: Nine Inch Niddy-Noddy, Treadlin’ Tammy Taylor, Lumpy Bobbins, Queen of the Darned and Wool Huffer. 

During the week of Spinzilla, it is crucial to support your team while they’re spinning. We have several ways we like to do this. We host mini competitions throughout the week to encourage people to interact and get amped up to spin their hearts out. These include photo competitions on Instagram and fun things like “most interesting place to spin.” We have small prizes we give away for these mini-competitions within our team. 

A team leaderboard is another great way to motivate your team. We create a shared google spreadsheet that members can enter yardage for each skein they spin. Our leaderboard automatically adds up spun yardage during the week, keeping the numbers rolling in and the excitement growing. This way everyone can access real-time minute numbers for the whole team! It’s a fun and friendly way to boost numbers as people work to achieve top standings. 

The most important thing we do for our team is to host public spinning outings. We try to host at least four or five meet ups during the Spinzilla week. We will have a couple of evening spin-ins at our shop during the week. On the weekend, we like to get out in public with our team. We’ve spun at Denver Union Station, Denver Botanic Gardens, the Molly Brown House, and the Denver Art Museum. These are excellent ways to promote spinning to the public and it lets the Denver community show their support and cheer for their local spinning team! We haven’t won a Spinzilla in a few years, but we always say, “We win in fun”...and really, that’s what this is all about, right?


About the Author

Jaime Jennings is co-owner of Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver Colorado. Their Spinzilla team, Team Fancy Tiger, won Spinzilla two years in a row in 2013 and 2014! Jaime is an avid knitter and seamstress and makes all her own clothes, including knitting sweaters from her handspun yarn. 

This post has not been tagged.

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Congratulations to the 2018 TEN Award Winner, Gwen Bortner

Posted By TNNA Editor, Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Tribute to Excellence in Needlearts (TEN) Award honors someone who represents or has represented, the finest in the needlearts industry and who personifies and uphold the TNNA mission statement. This year, the award went to Gwen Bortner. 

Gwen has been a vital a member of the TNNA community since 2003. In her professional experience, she has been a buyer, wholesaler, teacher, designer, author, industry consultant — just to name a few! Within TNNA, Gwen has played a valuable part in association leadership through the founding of the Business and Creative Services group, serving on the Board of Directors (and as Secretary/Treasurer), and acting as our Interim Executive Director.

She has not only positively influenced the organization; she provides a memorable impact on our by sharing her experiences among the greater community. Through her time as a wholesaler, she began teaching and, in her words, “Once she started teaching, she never looked back.” Within TNNA, she has taught at every show since 2008. And, outside of TNNA, she shares her knowledge through community education programs in her area, national conventions, local yarn shops and business consulting. Congratulations to you, Gwen, and thank you for all that you do!

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14 NeedleArts Podcasts to Tune Into While You Work

Posted By TNNA Editor, Thursday, July 12, 2018

Need a reason to listen to more podcasts? Well, you’re in luck: There are so many podcasts out there covering the needlearts and craft industry. Check out some of our favorites!

Business of Craft
The Business of Craft Podcast is a lively show where our host Leanne Pressly, of Stitchcraft Marketing, interviews business leaders and entrepreneurs in fiber arts, fabric, sewing and other creative industries so you can learn to craft a better business.

Subscribe: Website | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher

Fiber Talk
Fiber Talk is a podcast for hobbyists who play in the fiber-arts world in which co-hosts Gary L. Parr and Christine Williams interview a wide range of leading personalities in the needlework, knitting and quilting hobbies. The two also chat with guests about the latest trends in fibers, designs and techniques.

Subscribe: Website | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | PodBean | FlossTube

Never Not Knitting
Never Not Knitting is a knitting podcast in which host Alana Dakos features design and project updates, product reviews, giveaways and personal knitting stories. The show also features knitters from around the world!

Subscribe: Website | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | SoundCloud | PodBean

Woolful’s Making podcast
Each episode of Woolful’s Making podcast is an intimate conversation where makers and artists reflect on their own creative journey, how they landed on their current art form, and how they have been shaped by it. Guests from every facet of the making community — knitters, sewers, builders, weavers, potters, and painters — reflect on their own creative process and how their role as makers more deeply connects them to the world.

Subscribe: Website | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | RSS

The Cross-Stitch Podcast
This podcast is especially perfect for both cross stitchers and cake eaters. Host Hannah is a cross stitcher based in the United Kingdom and is the creator of Hannah Hand Makes. Her show aims to build a cross-stitch community and help teach listeners about the lovely art of cross stitch. The show also features tutorials, hints and tips about cross stitching as well as live stitch-alongs (SALs) that Hannah runs.

Subscribe: Website | Apple Podcasts

CraftSanity is a podcast that allows listeners to escape the daily grind and renew their creative spirit through interviews with creative people. The show is hosted by Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, editor/publisher of CraftSanity Mag and professor/mom from West Michigan.

Subscribe: Website | Apple Podcasts | RSS

Fruity Knitting Podcast
The Fruity Knitting Podcast is a video knitting podcast that brings you knitting inspiration from around the world. Each episode features an interview with a professional designer or yarn producer and is a long-format interview. Listeners get to hear from the people behind the knitting patterns and yarns that you love — and see their faces!

Subscribe: Website | YouTube

Two Ewes Fiber Adventures
A podcast about knitting, spinning, weaving, crochet, dyeing — all the ways to play with yarn and wool. Who are they and why do they podcast? Hosts Kelly and Marsha came at yarn and fiber from different directions, but both love it. Marsha is an accomplished knitter, learning to dye yarn, and Kelly is a spinner who knits and weaves. Fiber is one of the many interests the two share after over 30 years of friendship.

Subscribe: Website | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | PodBean


Stitchery Stories
Stitchery Stories is a podcast where textile artists share their life in fabric and thread. Join embroidery enthusiast and textile art dabbler, Susan Weeks, in her friendly weekly chats with textile artists of the United Kingdom and discover how they got started. Guests also share lessons learned along the way and talk excitedly about what they are working on currently as well as share ways they keep their businesses growing.

Subscribe: Website | Apple Podcasts | iHeartRadio


The Yarniacs
On the Yarniacs, hosts Gayle and Sharlene talk about what they are wearing, what they are stalking and, of course, what they are knitting. Grab your knitting needles, your favorite yarn — or your favorite craft — and come knit with them! The two are also on Ravelry as gayleywayley and knitterninjashar.

Subscribe: Website | Apple Podcasts | RSS

CRAFT-ish with Vickie Howell
Join best-selling craft author, designer, encourager and on-air personality, Vickie Howell for great conversations with knitters, makers, artists, musicians, writers, designers, photographers, and other creative types about their craft. Well, sort of. What she’s really interested in is their stories — how they got to where they are and how they continue to walk the creative path.

Subscribe: Website | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | SoundCloud

2 Knit Lit Chicks
On this unique podcast, Barb (the mom) and Tracie (the daughter) are your obsessed knitter and avid reader hosts. The two love to talk about their current knitting projects and favorite books to read or listen to — they also review the occasional knitting book.

Subscribe: Website | Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | PodBean

Pom Pom Quarterly – Knitting Podcast
The Pom Pom Quarterly podcast is Pom Pom magazine's knitty and witty monthly podcast. Hosts Lydia and Sophie talk to all sorts of interesting fiber folk, as well as indulging in knit-chat and plenty of giggles.

Subscribe: Website | Apple Podcasts | SoundCloud

Yarn Thing with Marly Bird
Great guests from the yarn industry, wonderful conversation and doesn't get much better than that. Join host Marly Bird, the first crochet podcaster on iTunes (since 2007), as she talks all things crochet and knitting.

Subscribe: Website | Apple Podcasts | BlogTalkRadio | YouTube (live)

Bonus – Browse through the “Hobbies” category on Apple Podcasts to find even more!

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#NeedleStoresoftheWorld: The Tinsmith’s Wife

Posted By TNNA Editor, Wednesday, July 11, 2018

We’re back with another #NeedleStoresoftheWorld highlight! This bi-weekly (and beyond) series aims to showcase all of the amazing stores that TNNA members run. Today, meet The Tinsmith’s Wife and discover its story.



Describe what The Tinsmith’s Wife does best.

A true family-run shop (including storeowner, Wendy’s, Dad!) The Tinsmith’s Wife focuses on knitting, crochet, needlepoint and cross-stitch. All this is combined in a historic building, in a quaint Texas town where customers are family.


What makes The Tinsmith’s Wife unique?

Our shop family includes a posse of hard-working shop cats  – two good looking red heads, R. Fenton and James, Andy and Miranda (a.k.a., the dynamic duo), and occasionally you will spy Luke who keeps guard over our back stock of inventory upstairs.  We believe these furry additions add an extra bit of warmth to the shop and certainly a lot of love.


Share a fun fact about your store.

Wendy loves cats, yarn, and Jeeps!



405 7th Street

Comfort, TX 78013


Connect with The Tinsmith’s Wife

Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


Want to see your store featured? Fill out this Google form today! (Note: A picture of your storefront is required.)

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Pinterest 101: Tips for Beginners

Posted By TNNA Editor, Thursday, June 28, 2018

TNNA Pinterest 101

With over 200 million users, Pinterest is no joke. As a tool, it can also be one of the best sales drivers for a retail business, especially given more than half of users claim to have made a purchase based on something they saw on the site. And, even though Pinterest users are a global group, all users have one thing in common: They turn to Pinterest for inspiration.

Whether your business is on Pinterest to build awareness, drive traffic to your website, become a DIY resource or to increase your credibility as an influencer, here are some of our top tips for using the social network effectively.

Define the Audience You Want

Like we said, there are a lot of users on Pinterest. We recommend first researching how the average existing user searchers and uses the site. Pinterest for Business is a great resource to help you do that.

Working from there, you should then consider how your customers – or the types of customers you desire – might stumble upon your pins. Some questions to ask yourself or your staff might be:

  • Why are you on Pinterest?
  • If a new user were to find you, what might they search?
  • What do you want your business, or brand, to be known for?
  • What content performs best on other social networks?
  • What common problems affect your customer or online readers?

Create and Curate Relevant Content

Now that you’ve got your audience out of the way, it’s time to generate content! If you are not sharing relevant content, you simply will not attract a following and your effort will be wasted. As you continuously work and tweak your own content strategy to please your Pinterest audience and start to spend time developing eye-catching blogs, videos and more, curation will be your best friend because it’s important to remember… you can repin content from all of Pinterest!

If you’re a store owner, and you’ve decided you want to be a resource for your community beyond adding to the economy (as you do so well), consider creating board of “Local Favorites” where you pin other businesses and destinations in your city that you and your staff team love. If you’re a wholesaler, you might consider a Business Tips board where you curate relevant articles from the rest of the web for your customers to access.

Images Matter… Obviously!

This might not be a new notion but it is an important one to hit home: Pinterest, like Instagram, is all about the images. If you are not creating bright, attractive and attention-grabbing imagery, you run the risk of being ignored by users.

Vertical images take up more real estate than horizontal ones, so that’s tip number one. Dimensions are also key if you want your images to fit right and maximize your effort. This guide from Sprout Social is a pretty good one. Then, for the images themselves, make sure your website and blog(s) have images tied to each page pinnable that fit within these guidelines and give pinners options. One free tool we really love for creating images on the fly is Canva.

Hashtags: Use ‘em

Many users forget that Pinterest enabled hashtags more than one year ago. They did and they are useful… especially when you’re building a presence! Check out these tips from Pinterest itself and start adding hashtags so new (or existing) customers can find you.

Promote Your Presence

This one might seem like a no-brainer but is easily forgotten. If you are exuding a lot of time and effort on Pinterest, it’s important to find ways to promote your presence. Pinterest’s tools for developers can help you incorporate content onto your website (don’t forget the brand guidelines, too). You can also cross-promote your boards to other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram — you could event blog about your pins by sharing monthly pin roundups. …the possibilities are endless!

For even more tips to optimize your business’s Pinterest, check out this article from TNNA partner, Stitchcraft Marketing.

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TNNA's Pinterest 101 Guide

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Voice: The Next Frontier for Search

Posted By TNNA Editor, Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Voice: The Next Frontier for Search

By Leanne Pressly of Stitchcraft Marketing

Stitchcrafting Marketing - Voice Search

Voice search is using your voice, and your words, to request assistance from a digital virtual assistant. Think about Google Home, Siri from Apple, or Alexa from Amazon; these are three of the most popular voice search assistants. Even now, you can ask Siri or Alexa to find information or complete actions by using simple words or phrases. Statistics suggest that people are making increasing use of voice search over text search (i.e. typing words or questions into a search engine), and that by 2020 more than half of all searches will be voice searches (via ComScore). Further, Gartner predicts that in the next few years as many as 30% of searches will be done without a screen (via Mediapost).

Why is voice search important to your creative business? Your customers need to be able to find your website and your business services using voice search. At some point in the future, you may even wish to incorporate a digital assistant into your website design to help customers navigate your site.

How do you prepare for voice search?

In the past we have written articles about search engine optimization (SEO), and the importance of using keywords to improve search results and drive traffic to your creative businesses. Voice search adds another layer to that.  Typically, voice search will consist or more than a keyword or two, and will involve some sort of a question or command.  These longer phrases, called long-tail keywords will help your customers find your business through voice search. For example, previously you may have used a keyword like “hand-dyed” to promote your creative business selling hand-dyed yarns. A long-tail keyword voice search might include the phrase “Where can I buy hand-dyed yarn?” Think about voice search as a conversation between you and your customer. What questions might your customer ask you that you can answer ahead of time?  Think of preparing for voice search as creating a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) in advance.

What do your customers want?

In developing your long-tail keywords you have an opportunity to hone in on what needs you are fulfilling for your customers. Are you providing your customers with information like posting craft  tutorials, technique demonstrations, creative ideas or exercises? Are you allowing your customers to more easily navigate by finding specific content or a product on your website? Or, are you allowing your customers to engage in a specific business transaction with you? The creative content, goods or services that you provide should drive your development of long-tail keywords based on the kinds of questions you already receive from your customers. If you are already surveying your customers to learn how they found your creative business, you can use this information to improve and expand your keywords 

First steps

Given the statistics, voice search seems like a trend that is here to stay (via Branded3). How will you use it to make your business successful? There are some simple steps that you can take now, even if you’re not ready to invest a lot of time or money in voice search.

First, you can ensure that your business is listed appropriately on the web. Go to Google My Business and make sure that you have a listing with all relevant information correctly entered.  There should be nothing easier than sharing how your customers can best contact you (business name, address, website, email, and hours open, if applicable). Ensuring this information is up to date and easily available means that when your customers conduct a voice search for a product or service you provide based on where they are located, your business should populate in their search results.

Second, make sure the same information above is readily available on your website. To ensure that search engines can “read” this information from your site, make sure that the relevant information isn’t in a graphic image, but rather in standard text that is easily searchable. If you want to add a graphic element to it, add headers or other kinds of formatting to set this information apart in an easy-to-find way. There is nothing worse than searching for a business and not generating results, or finding a website, but not being able to contact the business!

Third, give some thought to the content on your website. Do you have an FAQ section that includes questions people ask about your business? Do you include information on your product pages that answers the typical questions your customer will ask about your products? If not, starting thinking about the conversations you have with your customers and proactively add this information onto your website where it can come up in searches using your keywords. If you’re really stumped on coming up with keywords, give Ask the Public a try and see if it will kick start the way you think about long-tail keywords.

These three tips above are just a few of the ways you can start to prepare your creative business for the voice search frontier.

This article provided courtesy of Stitchcraft Marketing- a niche agency serving creative companies. If you have additional questions or are interested in working with us to include voice search in marketing your creative business, please contact

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#NeedleStoresoftheWorld: Grandma's Spinning Wheel

Posted By TNNA Editor, Monday, June 11, 2018

#NeedleStoresoftheWorld: Grandma's Spinning Wheel

By: TNNANews


For the latest #NeedleStoresoftheWorld, our brand-new series, meet Grandma's Spinning Wheel (GSW). Owned by Vicky and Michael Konecky, check out this store’s story below.


Describe what GSW does best.

GSW is the best stocked fiber store in the Southwest with over 2,000 square feet of space!


What makes GSW unique?

We have a full fiber arts support shop for knitters, crocheters, rigid heddle weavers, spinners, and felters (needle, wet and nuno). We carry the largest selection of yarn and fiber in Arizona and southern New Mexico, as well as spinning wheels, rigid heddle looms, and accessories. We also offer classes in all the above areas of fiber arts, as well as our "community" groups which meet regularly for social time.


Share a fun fact about your store.

My husband and I are retired public school science teachers.



6544 E Tanque Verde Rd

Tucson, AZ 85715


Want to see your store featured? Submit it via this form today. (Note: A picture of your storefront is required.)


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