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Voice: The Next Frontier for Search

Posted By TNNA Editor, Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Voice: The Next Frontier for Search

By Leanne Pressly of Stitchcraft Marketing

Stitchcrafting Marketing - Voice Search

Voice search is using your voice, and your words, to request assistance from a digital virtual assistant. Think about Google Home, Siri from Apple, or Alexa from Amazon; these are three of the most popular voice search assistants. Even now, you can ask Siri or Alexa to find information or complete actions by using simple words or phrases. Statistics suggest that people are making increasing use of voice search over text search (i.e. typing words or questions into a search engine), and that by 2020 more than half of all searches will be voice searches (via ComScore). Further, Gartner predicts that in the next few years as many as 30% of searches will be done without a screen (via Mediapost).

Why is voice search important to your creative business? Your customers need to be able to find your website and your business services using voice search. At some point in the future, you may even wish to incorporate a digital assistant into your website design to help customers navigate your site.

How do you prepare for voice search?

In the past we have written articles about search engine optimization (SEO), and the importance of using keywords to improve search results and drive traffic to your creative businesses. Voice search adds another layer to that.  Typically, voice search will consist or more than a keyword or two, and will involve some sort of a question or command.  These longer phrases, called long-tail keywords will help your customers find your business through voice search. For example, previously you may have used a keyword like “hand-dyed” to promote your creative business selling hand-dyed yarns. A long-tail keyword voice search might include the phrase “Where can I buy hand-dyed yarn?” Think about voice search as a conversation between you and your customer. What questions might your customer ask you that you can answer ahead of time?  Think of preparing for voice search as creating a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) in advance.

What do your customers want?

In developing your long-tail keywords you have an opportunity to hone in on what needs you are fulfilling for your customers. Are you providing your customers with information like posting craft  tutorials, technique demonstrations, creative ideas or exercises? Are you allowing your customers to more easily navigate by finding specific content or a product on your website? Or, are you allowing your customers to engage in a specific business transaction with you? The creative content, goods or services that you provide should drive your development of long-tail keywords based on the kinds of questions you already receive from your customers. If you are already surveying your customers to learn how they found your creative business, you can use this information to improve and expand your keywords 

First steps

Given the statistics, voice search seems like a trend that is here to stay (via Branded3). How will you use it to make your business successful? There are some simple steps that you can take now, even if you’re not ready to invest a lot of time or money in voice search.

First, you can ensure that your business is listed appropriately on the web. Go to Google My Business and make sure that you have a listing with all relevant information correctly entered.  There should be nothing easier than sharing how your customers can best contact you (business name, address, website, email, and hours open, if applicable). Ensuring this information is up to date and easily available means that when your customers conduct a voice search for a product or service you provide based on where they are located, your business should populate in their search results.

Second, make sure the same information above is readily available on your website. To ensure that search engines can “read” this information from your site, make sure that the relevant information isn’t in a graphic image, but rather in standard text that is easily searchable. If you want to add a graphic element to it, add headers or other kinds of formatting to set this information apart in an easy-to-find way. There is nothing worse than searching for a business and not generating results, or finding a website, but not being able to contact the business!

Third, give some thought to the content on your website. Do you have an FAQ section that includes questions people ask about your business? Do you include information on your product pages that answers the typical questions your customer will ask about your products? If not, starting thinking about the conversations you have with your customers and proactively add this information onto your website where it can come up in searches using your keywords. If you’re really stumped on coming up with keywords, give Ask the Public a try and see if it will kick start the way you think about long-tail keywords.

These three tips above are just a few of the ways you can start to prepare your creative business for the voice search frontier.

This article provided courtesy of Stitchcraft Marketing- a niche agency serving creative companies. If you have additional questions or are interested in working with us to include voice search in marketing your creative business, please contact

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#NeedleStoresoftheWorld: Grandma's Spinning Wheel

Posted By TNNA Editor, Monday, June 11, 2018

#NeedleStoresoftheWorld: Grandma's Spinning Wheel

By: TNNANews


For the latest #NeedleStoresoftheWorld, our brand-new series, meet Grandma's Spinning Wheel (GSW). Owned by Vicky and Michael Konecky, check out this store’s story below.


Describe what GSW does best.

GSW is the best stocked fiber store in the Southwest with over 2,000 square feet of space!


What makes GSW unique?

We have a full fiber arts support shop for knitters, crocheters, rigid heddle weavers, spinners, and felters (needle, wet and nuno). We carry the largest selection of yarn and fiber in Arizona and southern New Mexico, as well as spinning wheels, rigid heddle looms, and accessories. We also offer classes in all the above areas of fiber arts, as well as our "community" groups which meet regularly for social time.


Share a fun fact about your store.

My husband and I are retired public school science teachers.



6544 E Tanque Verde Rd

Tucson, AZ 85715


Want to see your store featured? Submit it via this form today. (Note: A picture of your storefront is required.)


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The Yarn Group Needs You!

Posted By TNNA Editor, Thursday, June 7, 2018

The Yarn Group Needs You!

Are you going to TNNA in Cleveland? Do you want to get more involved and help the Yarn Group? Here is a list of ways you can help! If you see something that sounds interesting, please let us know ASAP!

Fashion Show Dresser

The Fashion Show is a huge event. Help the models look their best by getting them dressed behind the curtain. Make sure each sweater and every shawl is put on right side out and not inside out! You must be present Thursday evening before the fashion show begins to get ready and remain backstage throughout the show. We need SIX volunteers to help backstage.

Fashion Show Intake

When vendors check-in their items on Thursday for the fashion show, they need to be bagged and tagged accurately so nothing gets lost. If you’re a stickler for organization and like getting a preview of pretty fashion show items, this job is for you. You’ll also be responsible for returning these items to the vendors when they bring back their tickets. We need TWO volunteers for this efficient task.

Yarn Bowl Party Bouncer

The Yarn Group is hosting an amazing party at the Punch Bowl Social on Saturday Evening from 7-10. This is a bowling alley, karaoke, billiards, awesome gaming, scratch kitchen, bar. You will be in charge of heading to the party ahead of time to set-up, checking tickets, and making sure people without tickets aren’t allowed in. We need TWO volunteers for this event.

Yarn Group Meeting Volunteer

We have a huge meeting planned. Loads of people are signed up to attend, it’s going to be crowded. And there are going to be prizes. Each person that comes in needs a raffle ticket. You will be helping to hand out tickets, prizes, and keep things orderly. We need TWO volunteers for the meeting.

Lounge Set-up/Tear-Down

Our lounge area in the main TNNA lounge on the floor will be a table with promo materials provided by sponsors. This will have some mannequins and some other goodies. You will be needed to make sure that the table gets set-up, arranged, maintained (just stop by occasionally during the show to make sure it’s ok), and torn down (items returned to sponsors). We need ONE or TWO volunteer(s) for lounge management.

Do any of these opportunities sound like fun? E-mail to volunteer!

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Education about Education: A Class about Classes for #TNNASummer2018

Posted By TNNA Editor, Thursday, June 7, 2018

Education about Education: A Class about Classes for #TNNASummer2018

By: Cynthia Spencer of Stitch Your Art Out

Cynthia Spencer - Class Photo

I’ve attended TNNA for the past 15 years, as a buyer and learner for the local yarn shop I own. (All those cool TNNA pins I’ve collected over that time are starting to get heavy!) This year, I’m thrilled to be a part of the show, not just as a buyer and learner, but also as a teacher.

I’ll be speaking on a topic that’s dear to my heart: holding classes in your local yarn shop.

So what exactly is will this class be about? Lots of things!

Front and center, we’ll talk about why classes keep a shop thriving and vibrant.

We’ll also talk about the fascinating process by which people learn skills and knowledge, and we’ll see the stages they go through as they learn to knit. We’ll apply all of that to how best to teach knitting classes.

I’m busy putting together an incredible packet of information that you’ll be able to take back with you and use for years to come in your shop. (I’ll give you an electronic copy as well, so you can modify it for your own use.) You’ll receive at least 4 years’ worth of class ideas for your shop, along with suggested write ups and well over 200 patterns that I’ve categorized into both topics and skill levels. (Please feel free to bring in your own suggestions for successful patterns or ideas to add to this list. I’ll amend the initial list when I get home, and send out an update to everyone.)

You’ll learn how to create good photos to help advertise your classes. I’ll even show you how to transform a photo from just okay to good (and possibly even terrific).

We’ll talk about why classes in a yarn shop work so well for both the shop and the students. We’ll talk about how to keep a positive atmosphere. We’ll talk about how to find amazing teachers.

We’ll discuss a detailed—and I mean detailed—process and checklist for how to put together a great newsletter. (I’ll give you a copy of that, too.)

And that’s just the start. I want you to leave that evening feeling excited and being prepared to create wonderful classes in your shop! And when you shop the floor, you’ll be shopping with aim—looking for all those gorgeous yarns that will work best for your upcoming classes.

My class, “Build Your Yarn-Shop Business with Classes,” will be held on Wednesday, June 13, from 4-7 p.m., at the TNNA summer show in Cleveland, OH.

It will be well worth coming just one day early, on Wednesday. You’ll see just how classes help you connect more deeply with customers, sell more merchandise, and build your local community.

Please join me. Register for the TNNA Summer NeedleArts Trade Show here.

Cynthia Spencer is teaching "Build Your Yarn-Shop Business with Classes," Wednesday, June 13, from 4:00 p.m – 7:00 p.m.

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Planning and Executing an Effective Content Marketing Program in Just 30 Minutes Per Day

Posted By TNNA Editor, Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Planning and Executing an Effective Content Marketing Program in Just 30 Minutes Per Day

By Leanne Pressly of Stitchcraft Marketing

Stitchcraft Webinar - Content Marketing

With TNNANews readers in mind, member content partner Stitchcraft Marketing has put together a FREE WEBINAR for next Tuesday, June 12 at noon ET on “Planning and Executing Your Content Marketing Program in Just 30 Minutes Per Day.” This 30-minute webinar is specifically aimed at Craft business entrepreneurs and will focus on the following subjects:

Who is your customer?

An essential element of content marketing is a clearly defined audience. If you don't have a clear idea of who your customer is, how can you anticipate what content will be considered valuable to them? Spend some time developing a detailed description of your customer avatar.

Resist the temptation to define your potential customer too broadly. For example: "anyone between the ages of 18 and 65" is too broad a group to address effectively. Consider breaking that down into more specific profiles. "Active mothers under 40 who enjoy crafting with their kids and watching HGTV" is much more useful for visualizing your customer.

Compelling Content Creation

Decide what form(s) you want your content to take. Blog posts? Video tutorials? Inspirational images? Free patterns and how-tos? Utilizing a strategy of cornerstone content and evergreen content is best.

Whatever form you choose, be sure your content reflects your brand and is optimized for SEO.

Quality counts! Every piece of content may be a potential customer's first introduction to you and your company. If you feel the need to apologize for the quality of a piece of content (poor photography, questionable taste), don't use it.

Content Distribution: Social Media

What social media channels are most appropriate for the promotion and distribution of your content? Where is your target audience likely to be found?

Each social media platform requires a different strategy for success. Be sure to maximize your efforts by following best practices for Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Building Your Tribe: Newsletters

When consumers opt-in to your email list, they have specifically asked for more of what you offer. What could be better than that? The people on your email list are your richest source of potential sales.

Once customers have joined your list, reward their trust by producing a newsletter worth reading. Consider segmenting your list so you can deliver content specifically targeted to that customer's interests.

Has enrollment in your list stagnated? Consider using a lead generator to introduce interested consumers to your company.

Continue the conversation beyond regular newsletters. Consider using an autoresponder to generate an email (or series of emails) in response to specific customer behaviors.

Putting the Plan into Action

Your content marketing plan will not be effective if it isn't implemented consistently over time. That means your plan must include manageable steps and a workable timeline.

Once the initial plan is in place, you can manage a good content marketing program in as little as 30 minutes a day by breaking the execution into specific tasks. Consistency is key: when your calendar says you're going to spend 30 minutes every Wednesday morning scheduling social media posts for the next week, you're more likely to get it done.

How will you know if your content marketing plan is effective? Identify some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help you quantify the impact of your efforts. Is your audience growing (more followers, more views)? Is engagement growing (more likes, shares, comments)? Did content which featured a specific product result in increased sales of that product? What paths are customers taking to your website? Remember to track these numbers over time. On any given day, you're just seeing a snapshot – long term trends are a better reflection of what's working and what's not.

REGISTER NOW to join Stitchcraft Marketing for this valuable learning opportunity.

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Why Take Advantage of the Education at #TNNASummer18

Posted By TNNA Editor, Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Why Take Advantage of the Education at #TNNASummer18…. Especially My  Photo Shoot A-Z: Planning, Producing and Picture Making

By: Gale Zucker

Apologies for the longest blog post title ever! I’ve been teaching at TNNA for a few years now — and love every minute of it. Here’s why:

The workshops I teach/co-teach — social media photography and writing — cross over between the categories of Expanding Your Expertise; The Two-Way Conversation; and Leveraging New Tools & Technology. They’re fun. They’re helpful. My co-teacher Beverly Army Willams and I are nice. We share skills that you literally put into practice before you leave the classroom. If you are like me—a hands-on knitter/maker kind of person — there is nothing harder than listening while not being able to jump in and try it till later.  Not in our classroom. We go all in right from the start, with creative exercises, smartphones and Wi-Fi.

(Photo © Gale Zucker)

Beverly and I are consistently jazzed by the students at TNNA.  We think it’s because everyone in the room — from the person who hasn’t even opened the doors of her yarn shop yet, to the yarn company who’s been around for 20 years - is eager to use social media to connect with our very special corner of the world.  Everyone in the room is motivated to be there and passionate about the work they do. Plus, no one looks twice if you knit or stitch in class.

That, in general  is why I love to being a TNNA instructor. Now some specifics. This June, in Cleveland, I’m offering Photo Shoot A-Z: Planning, Producing & Picture Making on Thursday from 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.

Here’s why I put this workshop together: the comment I hear most often from first-time clients goes something like this: “whew! I had no idea what went into a photo shoot! Thanks for holding my hand through it."

(Photo © Gale Zucker)

The truth is, that day you have a camera in hand shooting is just a tiny part of a photo shoot. The preparation, the planning, the thinking through the elements —  that’s what makes a successful and productive photo shoot. It’s partially stepping back to see the big picture of what else beside your product needs to be considered —  theme, setting, styling, wardrobe, light sources, effective colors, people? Who is arranging those things? What kind of help is needed? And it’s partially  lingo—what kinds of files do I need? How do photographers charge if I decide to hire one? What do I ask for? How long is expected  to get the final images and how many do I get? What are rights? Who chooses the model? Eeeeek!! How do I even find a model who represents my vision for my business?.

And, more such thoughts. It was fun for me to break down what I do and make a flow chart. It’s designed to lead students choice by choice from their very first thought of needing a photo shoot, through to planning it, including choosing whether to do it themselves or seek the skill of a photographer for the project.

This class is not necessarily for someone who wants to work as  photographer (though it certainly could be helpful to someone who is). It is for anyone who needs to create powerful images of their product, shop or business, to enhance their marketing. Because as we all know, that old saying — A picture is worth a thousand words — is truer more than ever on social media and online marketing.

This is all about you learning to be the confident leader/creator of the photography for your business, no matter who is holding the camera. The class will be small enough to customize information for those who attend.  We will have time for Q&A at the end, so we can take it in any direction.

(Photo © Gale Zucker)

Classes Beverly Army Williams and Gale Zucker* are teaching:

  • Leveling Up Your Business on Social Media | Wednesday, June 13 | 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
  • Photo Shoot A-Z: Planning, Producing and Picture Making | Thursday, June 14 | 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
  • 10 Photo and Hashtag Tricks to Build Community | Friday, June 15 | 7:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.

*PhotoShoot class is Gale alone, the other two classes are co-taught.

Register for the TNNA Summer NeedleArts Trade Show here

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What is Dark Social and Why Should You Care?

Posted By TNNA Editor, Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What is Dark Social and Why Should You Care?

By Sandi Rosner for Stitchcraft Marketing

Dark social sharing is what happens when people share content via private networks and messaging apps such as email, text, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. These shares are called dark because they are hard to track and quantify. Dark social is traffic that’s not attributed to a known source, such as a Google search or a social network.

In this post, we’ll look at the impact of dark social sharing. We’ll also discuss some tools for shedding light on dark social.

How much sharing happens in the dark?

When you look at your analytics for sources of web traffic, you probably see a big slice of the pie labeled “Direct”. The Direct category includes all the traffic that comes to you without an identifiable source. When you click a link on a Facebook post, a tracking tag is added to the URL to tell the destination website “Facebook sent me!” Links shared through private messaging apps and networks do not have these trackable tags. As far as your analytics knows, these visitors appeared out of thin air.

It’s very likely that a high percentage of traffic to your site is the result of dark social shares, which show up in the Direct category in your analytics report.

According to research from RadiumOne, 84% of outbound sharing (that’s consumers sharing content from your website) occurs over dark social channels.

Think about that for a minute. More than 80% of shares are happening where you don’t see them or track them. You might obsess over Facebook shares and Instagram likes, but this public sharing is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are measuring the impact of new marketing initiatives only by looking at public social network likes and follows, you’re getting just a small part of the picture. Dark social sharing is so pervasive, your new content has likely been seen and shared with far more consumers than is reflected by counting Instagram likes. Was there an increase in “direct” traffic to your site? It’s highly likely this increase was driven by the dark social impact of your marketing program.

Dark social sharing impacts your business, whether you see it or not

RadiumOne’s research shows that 32% of consumers share exclusively via dark social channels, with this number jumping to 46% for consumers over age 55. This segment is likely to grow with the recent controversy surrounding Facebook and other public social networks. Privacy concerns and an increased wariness about “oversharing” will amplify the importance of dark social in the future.

Dark social sharing is far more compelling than public social sharing. Imagine two scenarios:

       Amy is looking at her Facebook feed and sees that her friend Christie has shared a link to your new product announcement.

       Amy gets a text message or email from Christie with the same link, to which she’s added a note: “I came across this and thought you’d enjoy it.”

Which link is Amy more likely to click?

Dark social shares are marketing gold. A direct message from one interested consumer to another carries a halo of like and trust that no public Facebook post can match. The dark social share is far more likely to result in a sale.

Shining a light on dark social sharing

When customers copy your URL from the address bar and paste it into an email or message, any traffic resulting from that link will be dark. There are three popular tools that enable you to encourage dark social sharing while tracking the impact of this activity. All these tools work by capturing information about what is being shared. Rather than looking at traffic coming into your website, you can see what content your customers find share-worthy and see what channels they are using to share it.

Sharethis is an easy to use tool that adds share buttons to your content. You can choose to include buttons for popular dark social channels, such as email, WhatsApp and SMS (text message), as well as for the public social networks. The buttons are optimized for mobile use, and you have choices about the size, position and look of the buttons. is a product of RhythmOne (formerly RadiumOne, the company who produced the definitive study of dark social trends). adds a sharing tool to your website which includes robust tracking and analytic tools.

GetSocial works through plugins for WordPress or Shopify. In addition to tracking the use of share buttons, GetSocial will tell you how often a URL is shared through copy/paste.

Once you’ve got your share buttons in place, remind people to use them! A surprisingly effective, but often overlooked, way to encourage sharing is to simply ask. End your tutorial or blog post with a friendly request, like this: “Do you know someone who would enjoy this project? Use the buttons below to share it with them!” Not only are you reminding them to share, you are directing them toward the buttons that will enable you to track that activity.

Social media marketing is key to the success of any business in today’s economy. Of course, you want to continue to maximize likes and follows on Facebook and Instagram. But don’t forget about the person-to-person sharing that is quickly replacing traditional word-of-mouth. Dark social sharing is a far richer source of potential customers than public social networks. A little effort spent encouraging dark social sharing and making it trackable can pay big dividends. If you see an increase in “direct” traffic to your website, that’s a good indication that your content is being shared in the dark.


Stitchcraft Marketing a niche agency specializing in creative companies. They are ready to work with you to create content worthy of sharing. Contact to learn how we can help you grow your craft business.

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#NeedleStoresoftheWorld: Yarnia

Posted By TNNA Editor, Thursday, May 10, 2018

#NeedleStoresoftheWorld: Yarnia


By: TNNANews



We’ve been asking members to “share your stores” for a while now and we can now officially reveal why… introducing #NeedleStoresoftheWorld, a series in which we will celebrate and explore the businesses and storefronts that make TNNA so special. To submit your store to be featured (including a pic of your storefront!), fill out this Google form.


Meet Yarnia, owned by Valerie Binning in one of Texas’ oldest cities, Nacogdoches. Below, Valerie shares her store’s story.


Describe what Yarnia does best.

A fiber lovers’ heaven! At Yarnia, we sell craft supplies for crocheters and knitters, and are home to a vibrant fiber community that has seen amazing growth over the past two years.


What makes Yarnia unique?

Yarnia is a dream come true for me! I was downsized in May of 2016 and opened Yarnia on June 11 of the same year. I was determined to be open by the Texas Blueberry Festival so people would know Yarnia existed. The Blueberry Festival is an annual event that attracts approximately 20,000 people each year. The store was nearly bare, but I had a lot people in the shop and many of them have become loyal and frequent customers.


I chose Yarnia’s location due to it being on Main Street, which offered the opportunity to get more foot traffic than at a strip mall or similar location. It has been perfect and I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I get many out of town customers, many just passing through — they are always surprised to find a yarn shop on Main Street! I have wonderful business neighbors, a charismatic, energetic Main Street manager, and a bright future! Downtown Nacogdoches is a great place to be.


As a bonus, Saturdays are super busy! There are many folks who come to the shop to knit and create a warm, welcoming environment for any knitter who wants to join in. Many days there aren’t enough spaces for everyone… I may a bigger shop soon!


Share a fun fact about your store.

The building is very old and the bell on the door will ring for no reason, making everyone look up expecting a customer. It happens fairly often and we have decided there is probably a ghost… we affectionately call her Purl! 😊



321 East Main Street

Nacogdoches, TX 75961

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A Royal Wedding: Even the Embroidery is a Secret

Posted By TNNA Editor, Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A Royal Wedding: Even the Embroidery is a Secret

By: Joy Macdonell


#wedding2018 #harryandmeghan #royalwedding #weddingideas #meghanmarkleveil#cathedralveil

A post shared by Onlylovebridalboutique (@onlylovebridalboutiqueofficial) on


On May 19, 2018 Prince Harry will wed Ms. Meghan Markle at St George’s Chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle. This is all we know. Like all royal weddings, the particulars of the event are a secret. Especially the dress!

The wedding will be televised around the world for an audience of adoring fans. Embroiderers should be particularly curious as The Royal School of Needlework secretly worked with designer Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen to hand embroider details on the bridal gown for HRH, Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge in 2011. The embroiderers did not know they were working on a royal wedding gown, they were led to believe it was a costume for a television drama. 

The Royal School of Needlework
The early history of the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) is linked with the social, cultural and political history of Victorian and Edwardian Britain. The RSN began as the School of Art Needlework in 1872 founded by Lady Victoria Welby. The first President was Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein, Queen Victoria's third daughter, known to the RSN as Princess Helena. 

The founding principles of the RSN were two-fold: to revive a beautiful art which had fallen into disuse and, through its revival, to provide employment for educated women who, without a suitable livelihood, would otherwise find themselves compelled to live in poverty.

Located in the Hampton Court Palace, offering a thriving education program for beginners through to advanced levels of hand embroidery certifications. They restore embroidered family heirlooms, home furnishings and items from places of worship. The RSN creates bespoke embroidery for special individual occasions, organizations, and corporations. 

Kate’s Embroidery
Of particular current interest is the question of Ms. Meghan Markle’s wedding gown, the designer, and the participation of the Royal School of Needlework. Will we see the work of the Royal Embroiderers on Meghan’s dress like we did on Kate’s? A tweet from @royalneedlework on May 1 announced that Ralph & Russo Haute Couture Atelier team was in the studio reviewing hand embroidery portfolios by RSN Degree students at Hampton Court Palace – is there a royal connection? … Only time will tell.

The attention to detail on Kate’s royal wedding gown was breathtaking – from the hand-cut Chantilly lace of the sleeves, to the lace applique on the bodice and the individual lace roses, thistles, daffodils and shamrocks hand-engineered on to the ivory silk tulle. Her veil was also crafted with hand embroidered flowers, and on the back of her dress were 58 buttons of gazar and organza, which fastened by means of Rouleau loops. 

Kate’s lace was “something old”, her “borrowed” was the tiara from the Queen, “something new” were her earrings from her parents, and a blue ribbon was sewn inside her dress for her “something blue”.

Will Meghan Have Embroidery?
Tradition is very important to the royals. Meghan is marrying in a deeply religious space of St. George’s Chapel, her dress will most likely be modest and probably have some form of sleeve – which leaves plenty of room for embroidery detail along with the veil and train. 

Meghan’s wedding day will be the first time her fans, friends, family, and adoring Prince get to see her dress. Look closely at the details, the Royal Embroiderers will (hopefully) have stitched embroidery into the fabric of this royal wedding.


About Joy Macdonell

Joy Macdonell ( is a Creative Blogger and Fiber Consultant. Her job has provided her with lots of great opportunities to teach, including as the host of a television show on the DIY network (Greetings, from DIY) and one on PBS (Crafting at The Spotted Canary). She has also been the guest representative for Martha Stewart Crafts on the Home Shopping Network and has been the education director for the Martha Stewart Crafts brand since it launched in 2007. Prior to starting her career with EK Success Brands in 2001, she and her sister owned the very popular scrapbook store in Fairfax, VA, My Scrapbook Store.

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Local Yarn Store Day Recap

Posted By TNNA Editor, Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Thank you to everyone who participated in first-ever Local Yarn Store Day last weekend. There were a whopping 412 stores that participated. Check out a round-up of photos from the event across the U.S.


Guys. We. Are. Blown. AWAY. Just coming up for air to say happy LYS Day! It has been a whirlwind of yarn and hugs and orders and laughs and chocolate—pretty much everything we love about our little shop. ✨❤️🐝 We promised we’d have something special for our customers who can’t make it in to see us today and here it is: we’re offering 15% off online orders today through 11:59 p.m. with coupon code ‘lyslove’ at checkout. We completely ran out of our free gifts, but we’ve got more on the way—we’ll make sure each and every one of today’s orders includes something special. This day is all about our customers—our shop would be nothing without you. (Thank you to @selecta_nesta_1620 for the amazing chalk art, as always! 🙏) #lysday #knittersofinstagram #woolandhoney #makersgonnamake

A post shared by Melissa Kelenske & Liz Neddo (@woolandhoney) on

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