Ideas to Help You Get Ready for Local Yarn Store Day 2019

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By TNNA Blog posted 04-11-2019 16:56


Ideas to Help You Get Ready for Local Yarn Store Day 2019

TNNA’s second-annual Local Yarn Store Day (#LYSDay) is fast approaching! We hope you’re just excited as us to celebrate brick-and-mortar retailers and support small businesses across the U.S. In addition to being a celebration, if you are a retail business owner, #LYSDay is a fantastic way to bring in added business to your store. Hear what the inaugural #LYSDay participants had to say, and discover some tips to help you maximize the event at your store on Saturday, April 27. 

How to get Involved

If you’re a new storeowner or were not able to participate in the first Local Yarn Store Day, the best way to get inspired is by discussion and interaction with our experienced community. Become a TNNA member to get your retail location added to the official participants list on our website as well as to access toolkits and other members-only perks. Last year’s participant survey showed that  the TNNA website and Facebook page were two of the top ways people learned about Local Yarn Store Day.

You can also see what others are doing and connect with fellow retailers by RSVP’ing to the official #LYSDay Facebook event or joining the brand-new Local Yarn Store Retailers Facebook group. This is a way to stay connected all year long! Use the hashtag “#LYSDay” while searching through social media is another great way to get in touch with other participants.  

Maximize #LYSDay: Ideas from the Community

Special #LYSDay kits, pattern booklets and collaborations are just a few of the ways designers and venders are getting involved. For example, this year, Berroco is offering a pattern booklet featuring seven patterns (six knit, one crochet) and Kelbourne Woolens is offering two different kits including “Bow in the Sky” (one skein and two 10g mini skeins of Perennial in the MC, two 10g gram mini skeins of four contrast colors, and a KW project bag) and “DIY Perennial Color Packs” (six skeins of the Main Color, one skein of each contrast color, and five KW project bags). Take a look at some other product offers here!

Past participants have a ton of insight on what they’ve done to maximize and reap the benefits of #LYSDay. Here are some of their ideas:

We had sales, offered kits from some vendors and had a few games in the shop for the customers. [We] also offered tea and snacks and had a little knit-in with some of our customers.
[We used the] LYS Day image … our social media notifications, [and] contacted TNNA to have our name included on list of participating shops!
[Our team] created an event on Facebook and paid to boost it. [We also] put out a contest for a really nice custom project bag and 2 skeins of wool … on both Instagram and Facebook. [Then we] ran a Facebook Live at the beginning of the day, showing all the treats [and] another … to draw for door prizes and the contest at the end of the day.

Overall, the day is yours to showcase your store how you feel best fits your brand. There are many different ways to have fun with #LYSDay, whether through collaboration, in-store sales, customer games, special pattern offers —the list goes on. It’s important to have fun with it and celebrate your store and community! 

Benefits of Participating

Why participate in Local Yarn Store Day? Besides the ability to engage with your community, those that participated in 2018’s #LYSDay reported drastically increased sales. Some comments included:

About 6.5 times our normal Saturday sales. Yes, I said 6.5 times!
Four times the sales of previous Saturday. Actually the biggest day in the last 14 months.
About 10 times our average Saturday sales. THANK YOU!
We did about 6 times what we'd do in sales on a good Saturday. Let's just say this: We did more in sales on April 21[, 2018] than we did on Black Friday in 2017. It was a HUGE day for us!

We cannot wait to see your promotions and hear the incredible stories out of the 2019 #LYSDay on April 27. Let others know what you’re doing, what to expect and what to come back for. May the odds be ever in your favor. (And don’t forget to add us a co-host on Facebook so you show up here!)