Changes to the TNNA Bylaws, Part 2

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TNNA Bylaws, Part 2

Changes to the TNNA Bylaws, Part 2

By: TNNA Editor

As noted in Part 1 of this three-part series, changes to the TNNA Bylaws are occurring in order to create a more inclusive and cohesive membership. For Part 2, we’re diving deep to give you, our members, an overview of each change.

Big Picture Changes

The most significant changes are happening to member voting rights and leadership positions. As it stands, only wholesale members may vote, be on the TNNA Board and/or hold an officer position. With the new proposed changes, all members will be able to vote and hold Board or officer positions. These new proposed changes also revise regulations around Board positions. Currently, there is no clear line of succession for the Board president or for the positions of vice president and secretary/treasurer. In order to flatten the hierarchy of the board and create a clear line of succession, the following officer positions are proposed within the new bylaws: president, president-elect, secretary, treasurer and immediate past president. 

Additional Proposed Changes

  • Article I: Organization
    • This section is being altered to be representative of where TNNA does business.
  • Article II: Purpose
    • This section is being updated to be a summary of the purpose of TNNA, rather than a list of activities that the Association must do. The bylaws committee believes this will allow the Association to adapt to the changing environment in which it does business.
  • Article III: Membership
    • This section is being revised to open membership to all who actively conduct business within needlearts industries and to outline that all members have the right to vote and hold office.
  • Article IV: Dues
    • This section is being updated due to the committee’s recommendation of changing the membership grace period from 90 days past the payment due date to 30 days.
  • Article V: Member Meeting
    • The changes to this section include quorum being 10% of all members rather than wholesale members, further outlining that all members have a vote and can send a proxy. A mail-in ballot provision was also added to the proposed copy, in addition to a line item detailing that 10% of members can request a special meeting.
  • Article VI: Government
    • The proposed changes include the following:
      • Outlining that directors can consist of up to six (6) additional members in good standing
      • Expanding the executive committee to include President, President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate Past President
      • Adding a section on removing a Board member
      • Adding a section about Board proxies
      • Detailing that Board members are committed to a three-year term and can serve up two terms
    • Article VII: Elections
      • The language in this section was simplified.
    • Article VIII: Tradeshows
      • The committee recommends removing this article altogether in order to provide more flexibility for the Association to adapt to our changing industry.
    • Article IX: Indemnification
      • Legal counsel simplified the language and required all Board members to be insured to the highest available option.
    • Article X: Provisions
      • This section is new, added by TNNA’s legal counsel, and is meant to ensure information was included on the following topics:
        • Executive director
        • Legal counsel
        • Contracts
        • Finances and signatures
        • Mail and electronic ballot
        • Proof of delivery
        • Notices and written
      • Article XI: Limitation of Liabilities
        • Legal counsel updated language to be current and clear.
      • Article XII: Amendments
        • Simplified language and removed sections previously covered in the bylaws.
      • Article XIII: Procedure
        • The original copy is being left unaltered.
      • Article – Grievances
        • Legal counsel has recommended we remove this section, as it is now being covered in another section of the bylaws.
      • Article XIV: Dissolution, Mergers, Liquidation
        • The original copy is being left unaltered.
      • Article XV: Bylaws Control Over Policy
        • Legal counsel recommended adjusting the term “regulation” to “bylaws.”
      • Article XVI: Bylaws Control Over Policy
        • The original copy is being left unaltered.

For more detail regarding all changes to language and more, visit the TNNA Communities.

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