Fashion Report: Fall 2019 NeedleArts Trends (Plain Is Out, Extraordinary Is In)

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By TNNA Blog posted 10-10-2019 15:30


Fall 2019 NeedleArts Trends Lead Image - Romantic Sweater with Pearls

Fashion Report: Fall 2019 NeedleArts Trends (Plain Is Out, Extraordinary Is In)

By Heather Zoppetti

Fall is here, which means… sweater weather! Is it not your favorite time? Well, “weather” it is or isn’t (see what I did there?) here are some trends to watch for on the fashion front as you roll out new products, patterns and more.


Color Palette Star: Deep Green

Everything from phones to fashion is falling for deep green this season. This dark color is gracing the runways and, hopefully, your needles. Reminiscent of cool forests and evergreen glades, this calming color can range from khaki to hunter green. The rest of the fall color palette glows with reds and oranges, the perfect contrast to set-off this crisp, highlight color.

Pantone Fall 2019 Color Palette

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Maybe it’s the upcoming holiday season, or maybe it’s just that everyone is feeling the need for a little “extra” in their lives right now, but bling is in. Sparkle and shine by adding beads, sequins and glitz to your wardrobe. Many yarns come with shimmer spun right in! All you need to do is stitch. If not, you can always add beads or sequins to your handiwork for that extra flair. There are also carry-along threads (you hold it together alongside your regular yarn while you work) to add an extra twinkle.

Romantic Tops

From lace to ruffles, romance is blooming. Embellish your top half with something soft: Add a ruffle, bow or dash of lace to your design and be on the top of the trend this autumn. Plain is out, and extraordinary is in. Make it extra femme or wildly flamboyant to accentuate the look.

Asymmetrical Necklines

On the topic of extraordinary tops, for a real touch freshness try an asymmetrical neckline. One shoulder, askew and all manner of asymmetrical shapes are in-demand this fall. This look can be risqué and show a lot of collarbone, or it can be more subtle with just an off-center button band that follows a raglan seam. The point is … play and have fun, whether your end result is crazy whimsical or ultra-modern sleek.


Protect those fancy frocks and keep the chill off with a cape. Capes are similar to ponchos with more defined shaping and sometimes more refined details. Many capes have a taper; they start smaller at the top and grow larger as they descend, encircling the wearer. They can be cute and small, often called capelets; or large and dramatic, think full length and floor sweeping. Often, they fasten in the front, have slits or holes for the arms, and sometimes hoods. The canvas of a cape is perfect for any creative medium. It’s a large swathe of fabric where you can showcase your stitching skills.

Fall 2019 NeedleArts Trends Pinterest Image, Emerald Sweater