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Fraudulent GoFundMe Alert

TNNA has been alerted to fraudulent GoFundMe requests being sent from a misrepresented TNNA email address. These emails are not being sent on behalf of TNNA and should not be opened or supported. TNNA Headquarters has reached out to GoFundMe to report this incident and end these requests. Please reach out to TNNA Headquarters if you have questions or concerns.


World-Class Needlearts Trade Shows

Discover new products from a vast array of needlearts exhibitors! Take classes tailored to help you grow your business from the finest needlearts teachers. See details on the Winter and Summer trade events.

A Community of Professional Needlearts Businesses

TNNA members keep informed of the latest needlearts industry trends, ideas, products and issues. Find out more about the association and join today!

Needlearts Enthusiasts - Shopping and Resources

Check out some great shopping from a needlearts store near you in the TNNA Retail Directory and explore TNNA's public outreach programs and activities.

TNNA Programs

  • Local Yarn Store Day
    Local Yarn Store (LYS) Day is a brick-and-mortar yarn shop appreciation day created by TNNA Yarn Group. The inaugural LYS Day took place April 21.
  • Education
    TNNA is presenting online education for needlearts professionals. Check out upcoming webinars today!

  • The TNNA Foundation

    The Foundation is dedicated to creating community partnerships which promote and encourage relationships between adults and youth, fostering curiosity, creativity and a feeling of achievement through the teaching of needle arts.


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