Local Yarn Store Day

Announcing The Third Local Yarn Store Day: April 25, 2020

Looking to visit your local yarn store on April 25 to celebrate LYS Day and have questions? View the FAQ below! 


Take a Look at How our Members Celebrated LYS Day in 2019! 


LYS Day is a great way to bring the fiber community together. Our customer's seeing how stores, vendors and designers support each other simply strengthens our community and makes everyone want to be part of it.

- Alicia Chivers, Criativity

Local Yarn Store Day is an amazing opportunity for us to collaborate with shops and other artists in a way we've never done before. LYS Day is the catalyst for us to make something really special for our shops and customers. It's hands down my favorite yarnie event of the year!

- Charlie, My Anzula

We participated to help bring awareness to our unique local Yarn Shop community and how blessed the Minneapolis/St.Paul area is to have so many shops! Getting the word out and reminding people to connect to fellow fiber enthusiasts is what makes an LYS so wonderful and special.

- Gilah, needle & skein

Local Yarn Store Day is a wonderful way to remind our community of the importance of small businesses. I think some customers equated it to Small Business Saturday! It's also a great event to have on the calendar for this time of year in the yarn shop world. Thank you for spearheading it!

- Sue & Linda, The Yarn Bar

Local Yarn Store Day is a wonderful day for local customers to show support to their brick & mortar yarn shops and for the yarn shops to thank their customers for their continued support. In a day where online shopping is becoming so popular, it's important to have yarn shops where customers still have the opportunity to touch, feel and see all the gorgeous yarns in person. Understanding this importance and the connection between the customer and fibers is why many of us shop owners chose to open.

- Karen Rhyne, Knotty Lamb

We had a lot of customers come in to show their appreciation for us, their LYS. We offered some of our own LYS Day specials as well as some from vendors who did special yarns.

- Grandma's Spinning Wheel

LYS day is a great chance for both vendors and customers to show their support for our local yarn stores. Goodwill is felt on all sides and it is a reminder every year to be grateful for our brick and mortar shops and the community they foster.

- Meghan Fernandes, Pom Pom Publishing

My customers really seem to value having our shop in town and came out to let us know! We had a great day both monetarily as well as emotionally! We all felt the love!

- Unknown

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