Exclusive Designer 2019

Local Yarn Store Day Exclusive Pattern

Congratulations to the 2020 Local Yarn Store Day Exclusive Designers

Knit Designer

Meghan Jones, Little NutMeg Productions

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Meghan Jones

Artist Statement:

"For Mother’s Day last year my children gave me a rain chain of tiny upside-down umbrellas to catch water droplets as they fall from the edge of the house during a rainstorm. The graphic image that the stacked umbrellas create is so charming it immediately makes me smile and remember rainy spring mornings filled with the first purple crocuses, bright green grass, and hints of the blue skies to come. I wanted to try to emulate this image in the stitch patterning for this shawl, as well as create a stitch pattern combination that would work for a solid yarn, multi-colored yarn and anything in between."

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Crochet Designer

Rosann Fleischauer, First Byte Designs

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Artist Statement:

"The call for design to create the LYS Day pattern was appealing to me because it is yarn agnostic, uses no specific color, or fiber content, a generic pattern, and most importantly because it is to be a 'blank slate for consumers to create a masterpiece'. This made me think of a canvas, why not create a blank slate/canvas upon which fiber artists may exercise their creative freedom? Slate is heavy and not fiber so to maintain the essence of fiber, my mind went to a canvas, a rectangle of material upon which one paints their story. A story
I chose to 'paint' in hand painted cotton yarn for my prototype."

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Gender Neutral Designer

Jill Wolcott, Jill Wolcott Knits 

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Artist Statement:

"Queenstown has a hat for everyone, and a wide range of sizes. I first made it as a baby hat, but then my husband wanted it (to his personal specifications). After that I kept running into yarn I thought it would be awesome in. I ended up with four gauges, and a slight variation to each. I love doing designs that allow me to ask myself 'what if?' Hats are a great way to quickly try things out, and this one works for anyone, so it was a fun project to put together."

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The designs will be available for purchase in April 2020.