Exclusive Designer 2019

Local Yarn Store Day Exclusive Pattern

Would you like to create an exclusive pattern for Local Yarn Store Day? Submit your best sketch with a description of your design. A group of judges will conduct a vote for the best design in each category: one knit, one crochet, and one men's design. The designs will be presented anonymously. The winners will create an exclusive design for LYS Day 2020. 

Click below to complete the form with a picture and description of your design by September 20, 2019. Designers must be active TNNA members to participate.


Design for one of the following:                                         

  • Knit pattern
  • Crochet pattern 
  • Gender-neutral pattern 

Design Requirements:

  • Blank slate for consumers to create a masterpiece 
  • Yarn Agnostic 
  • Generic pattern 
  • No specific colors or fiber content 

Details for the Designers:  

  • Designer earns 50% of profits 
  • TNNA provides tech editing
  • TNNA provides photography 
  • TNNA has exclusive rights for one (1) year and then rights revert to the designer after April 25, 2021
  • Payments will be made quarterly by check with a detailed statement
  • Designer agrees to deliver the pattern and sample by December 20, 2019
  • TNNA agrees to deliver completed photos and tech editing by January 23, 2020
  • A contract will be sent to the winners upon acceptance 

Questions? Contact TNNA at info@tnna.org