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Buyer Bucks Information for Exhibitors
TNNA Buyer Bucks

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NEW for the 2016 TNNA Trade Shows - TNNA BUYER BUCKS. All exhibitors have the opportunity to participate in the Buyer Bucks promotional program. Every retail store that registers will receive $1000 in Buyer Bucks when they pick up their badges. These Bucks can be redeemed at participating vendors for show specials, discounts, or other special offers.

Exhibitor participation is completely voluntary.

Buyer Bucks FAQs for Exhibitors:

Q: Are vendors required to participate?

A: No. As a vendor you are not required to participate in the Buyer Bucks program. Choosing to participate is entirely up to you.  Choosing the incentive you offer is also completely up to you and should make sense for your business model. The idea is that the Buyer Bucks replace show specials that vendors have already been offering.

For some this may be offering a discount off of shipping, for others it may be using Buyer Bucks as a discount off of total order (ex. $10 in Buyer Bucks equals 10% off orders of $200 or more, $20 in Buyer Bucks equals 20% off of orders of $500 or more…etc.), or it could be something completely different (ex. You have a yearly fee for your product/service, you could offer $10 Buyer Bucks for an additional month of the service) or something altogether different.

Q: Will there be an expiration date for the Buyer Bucks?

A: Buyer Bucks will only be valid at the show. Buyer Bucks for the Winter Show will be printed with "Valid only at San Diego 2016." Likewise, Summer Show Buyer Bucks will be marked "Valid only at Washington, DC 2016."

Q: Who will get Buyer Bucks?

A: Every retailer registered for the show, either pre-registered or onsite, will get Buyer Bucks – one set per company.

Q: What is the maximum amount of Buyer Bucks per retail company?

A: $1,000.

Q: What are the different denominations of Buyer Bucks?

A: Buyer Bucks will be available in $10/$20/$50/$100 denominations (our own version of play money). There will be change stations on the show floor for both retailers and vendors to use. There will also be a limited number of $5 bills in circulation that will be available at the change stations.

Q: How should we let you know we want to participate?

A: A Buyer Bucks Participation Form will be available in the Exhibit Kit that will be emailed to all vendors beginning in late August. An online form will also be available.

Q: What is the deadline to sign up to participate?

A: To be included in the pre-show marketing and in the printed show directory, Buyer Bucks forms must be returned by November 1st. Any exhibitor choosing to participate after the November 1st deadline will still be listed on the web and in the Winter Show mobile app.

Q: Do we need to tell TNNA what our offer is?

A: No, you do not need to tell us what your incentive is. All we ask is that you tell us if you are planning to participate in the Buyer Bucks program so that we can use that information in our promotion to retailers – in marketing for registration, on the website, and in the printed book onsite.

Q. What do we do with Buyer Bucks collected in our booths?

A. Exhibitors should keep the Buyer Bucks they collect and not allow them to go back into circulation. We realize that vendors may need to keep the Bucks, staple them to the order, etc. in order to account for them. In the post-show survey, we will be asking participating vendors to let us know what their final total was in Buyer Bucks collected. Hopefully that accounting will reflect sales that you wouldn't have made otherwise!

Q. Can our Buyer Bucks offer be limited?

A. Yes, if you choose you may limit the use of Buyer Bucks.

Q: Is this an ongoing promotion or a one-time promotion?

A: The Buyer Bucks promotion will be available for both of the 2016 shows - San Diego and Washington, DC.

Q: How will the promotion be evaluated?

A: Show attendance statistics, verbal feedback, and surveys. We are looking for a 10% increase in show attendance to show a successful program.

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