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About Spinzilla

Spinzilla is a global event where teams and individuals compete in a friendly challenge to see who can spin the most yarn in a week and is held during Spinning and Weaving Week, the first full week in October.

Six years ago, the Spinning and Weaving Group (SWG) was formed as the fourth product segment group (PSG) of TNNA, following the decision of the Spinning and Weaving Association (SWA) to join TNNA to provide spinning and weaving businesses and wholesalers a voice and resources within the needlearts industry.  

After a year of getting our feet under us as a PSG, we asked ourselves “What’s next?”. The fundamental principle of joining TNNA and being a PSG was to support spinning and weaving businesses and help promote and create commerce opportunity. From this principle, a consumer event was created – Spinzilla.

Spinzilla would be a consumer spinning competition, with a means of raising money and donating to a charity. Since SWG was new and we were trying to find our niche within TNNA, we decided to donate funds to the Needle Arts Mentoring Program (NAMP), the charitable arm of TNNA that taught children across America various needlearts. NAMP has become the TNNA Foundation as part of our change in management. This was necessary because the 501C registration in Illinois required a name change since “NAMP” was already being used.

Over the past four years, Spinzilla has been doing what it was created to do. Stores who ran teams have reported a growth in sales leading up to Spinzilla. Fiber sales, equipment sales – participants were selling more product because of this event. As we look to the future of Spinzilla, TNNA and SWG will continue to evaluate how we can achieve Spinzilla’s founding principle to help promote and create commerce opportunity for the spinning and weaving community while at the same time raising funds and supporting the future generations of needleart enthusiasts through the TNNA Foundation. 

A Message from TNNA

We appreciated the post-event comments and wanted to highlight a few important issues:  

Each year all Spinzilla registration fees after expenses went to the TNNA Foundation (formerly the NeedleArts Mentoring Program).

To accommodate the record number of spinners – while also supporting the TNNA Foundation at the same level as previous years – we increased the registration fee for Spinzilla to $15 in 2017. Thanks to everyone whose generosity made that possible.

We plan to communicate more often – and more quickly – before, during, and after next year’s Spinzilla. We heard your suggestions and will do better in 2018!   

We appreciate your support of Spinzilla and hope you’ll join us next year! 

Contact us at with any questions. 

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