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Spinzilla - Host a Team
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Host a Team

The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA) members of the Spinning and Weaving Group (SWG) are invited to sponsor a team.

Team registration has closed.

Frequently Asked Questions about hosting a team:

What makes a team?

Teams are made up of your customers and fans—whether local or across the globe! If you are a shop, encourage your local customer base to register early. You can recruit your more remote fans via newsletter, Ravelry group, Facebook, or your favorite social media outlet.

You have the option to prepay for your team. When spinning registration opens your team will be marked as full. You will still need to submit a roster to TNNA Headquarters.

We ask that you recruit team members with no strings attached—no minimum yardage, use of a specific tool, or fiber requirements.

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Important Team Information:

  • Team spinner registration will open August 1-31, 2017.
  • Individuals pay $15 to register for the team of their choice.
  • The registration form will contain a drop down menu of choices for teams. Each team may contain up to 25 spinners.
  • To ensure an even playing field, the Spinzilla Teams Committee may combine smaller teams to get as many teams of 20-25 spinners as possible.

Who can host a team?

The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA) members of the Spinning and Weaving Group (SWG) are invited to sponsor a team. To learn more about membership and to sign up today, email us at

What are the team registration requirements?

  • Be a member of TNNA and SWG
  • Agree to the Logo Usage and Team Support Guidelines
  • Fill out the registration form and pay a $100 registration fee. You can also prepay for your your spinners on your team for $375 plus the $100 team registration fee.
  • Optional donation of two $25 gift certificates for our prize pool are appreciated!
  • Appoint a Team Captain to handle all Team Captain requirements
  • Work with your Team Captain to recruit spinners from your customer base—teams can be virtual, location/shop based, or a combination of the two

How do I register my team?

Team registration will take place August 1 - 31. The sooner you register, the sooner you can make the most of your Spinzilla experience!  You must have your TNNA user name and password handy to register. If you have questions about TNNA/SWG membership email us at

What can I name my team?

Your team name must include the name of the TNNA member/company that is hosting your team and your business name must come first. Team Names are limited to 60 characters so that your whole team name shows up on your Ravelry group listing.

For instance, if your business is named Franny's Fiber Shop then your team name could be Franny's Fiber Shop Spin Sisters. This makes it easy to identify your business with your team.

What kind of support am I expected to give my team?

Spinners love the connections they make with other spinners during the event. They are looking for teams that stay connected to their spinners. This is not only the way to build a successful team, it is a way to build life-long customers!

Each team will appoint a Team Captain, responsible for maintaining regular contact with your team members. Once your team is registered, Spinzilla's Team Captain Coordinator will send you a packet with more information about how to make the most of your Spinzilla experience, including tips on how to systematize your spinner support.

During spinner registration, Spinzilla's Team Captain Coordinator will provide Team Captains a weekly roster of spinners who have registered for the team during open spinner registration.  Here are the three biggies for team support:

  • Welcome each new member and tell them where you will be primarily hanging out during the event.
  • Choose one primary way to communicate with your team, whether via e-mail, newsletter, blog, Facebook, or Ravelry—whichever works best for your business.
  • Your team will have a thread in the Spinzilla Ravelry Group. Check in on your team thread weekly even if that is not where your spinners are spending most of their time. Potential spinners are often looking through the threads to see who is having the most fun.  Staying active will recruit more spinners to your team.

With the rosters, we will send weekly updates with information you can pass onto your spinners, suggestions on how to make the most of the event, and other Spinzilla news. If you have any question or need assistance during the event, please email

What kind of promotional support will Spinzilla give me?

The Spinzilla committee will provide support through a number of channels. Once your team is registered, Spinzilla's Team Captain Coordinator will be in touch on a regular basis. Any questions you have about your team can be sent to

As a team sponsor, you have full use of the team logo (email us at if you missed it in your team packet) and other promotional material. Your business will have a live link on our "Teams" tab of the website. We will be doing aggressive outreach in print and online yarn related publications and social media sites to get the word out about Spinzilla.  Sign up for our emails for ongoing information, visit our blog, join our Ravelry group, and like our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

We give you the framework for success; the rest is up to you!

What happens between now and the event?

Our Team Welcome Packet is jam-packed with ideas for how to make the most of Spinzilla. This event is a unique opportunity to create ongoing engagement with your customers and fans. Making the most of any event takes planning. Start adding Spinzilla events to your calendar NOW. If you want help in thinking about how to make Spinzilla work for you, e-mail us at

Are there sponsorship opportunities outside of hosting a team?

Yes! We offer four levels of sponsorship. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Emily Marxer at For other questions about Spinzilla, please see our FAQ or e-mail

Here is what past team hosts have to say about the event!

  • "My business is new and Spinzilla was a great way to get my name out there. Our team had a spin-in with team members attending from three states including a virtual team member joining us from Alaska!" —Kim Semler, Lucky Cat Craft
  • "I jumped on board with Spinzilla as soon as I heard about it! I saw this as an opportunity to have fun, focus on our spinning, make some new friends, and blow through some of our stash. Mission accomplished! We've organized a spinning retreat to fine-tune our skills and trade tips in anticipation of next year's event.” —Judi Jetson, Asheville Home Crafts
  • "Spinzilla is amazing! We had so much fun hosting nightly spin nights. Everyone was so into it.” —Jaime Jennings, Fancy Tiger Crafts, 2013 and 2014 Spinzilla Champs
  • “Spinzilla is an example of an innovative consumer event with trade objectives. It does a good job of taking the energy that exists online and driving that traffic into my store.” —Cheryl Nachtrieb, The Recycled Lamb
  • “Spinzilla is just so much FUN! The Cotton Clouds Team meets in cyberspace, and we have grown close over the past two years through our various photos, videos, and chit-chat postings on Ravelry and Facebook. It’s a great way for Cotton Clouds to bond with our spinners and to showcase our many cotton spinning fibers, tools, DVDs, and books.” —Irene Schmoller, Cotton Clouds
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