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The State of Specialty Yarn 2013
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The State of Specialty NeedleArts 2013

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The following study reports are available to TNNA members for free and to non-members for a fee. If you are a member, just click the links below and log in if prompted. If you are not a member, become a member. To purchase the study, call TNNA at (800) 889-8662 or use this Order Form.

NOTE: Business Tools are available to TNNA members ONLY.


2013 NeedleArts Market Summary (free - start here!)

The market summary describes the size and growth of each needlearts market, retailer financial benchmarks, and key findings to help your business succeed.

Business tools to help you succeed (Tools 1-12 are for yarn):

  1. Cost-Effective Consumer Marketing

  2. Effective Social Media

  3. Marketing Messages That Drive Sales

  4. Pricing That Makes Money

  5. Store Improvements That Matter

  6. Merchandising for New Sales

  7. Retailer Inventory Management

  8. Retailer Financial Benchmarks

  9. Wholesaler Financial Benchmarks

  10. Wholesalers: Effective Marketing to Retailers

  11. Wholesalers: Supporting Retailer Success

  12. Effective Needlearts Education

Survey results (for data nerds):

Additional study resources:

Yarn Report Overview

The 2013 yarn study provides ongoing baseline data and fresh survey data regarding issues of importance to the yarn industry in 2013. A total of 12,475 knitters, 2,892 crocheters, 1,302 weavers, 898 spinners, 670 yarn retailers, and 225 needlearts wholesalers completed surveys in April 2013. This study is produced by Hart Business Research for TNNA.

Baseline Data

Each study year (2005, 2007, 2010, 2013) covers baseline data as well as topics of particular importance for that year. Baseline data includes per-needleart statistics regarding consumer participation, project types and number, time spent, magazine and Web site preferences, spending per product category and per retail segment, demographics; retailer sales, income, profitability, staff, store size; wholesaler sales, income, profitability, and number of customers.

Consumer Topics 2013

Consumer topics this year include types of yarn used and future preferences, yarn purchase decision making (including role of brands), project motivations, project styles, importance ratings of yarn store features, learning sources and preferences, use of social media, and communications preferences from retailers and manufacturers.

Retailer Topics 2013

Yarn retailer topics this year include business best practices, cost-effective marketing, purchase decision making (including role of brand and price), types of yarn sold, spinning and weaving supplies sold, trunk shows, inventory management, reducing old inventory, pricing and discounts, whether owner received income from store, wholesaler feedback, and business education needs.

Wholesaler Topics 2013

Wholesaler topics this year include business best practices, year business founded, cost-effective marketing, use of social media, marketing methods, percentage of business from trunk shows, trade shows attended, and business education needs.

Spinners and Weavers

This year’s study includes spinners and weavers for the first time and provides data on kinds of weaving looms used, loom feature preferences, and sources of weaving project ideas; plus spinner activities, spinning styles, importance of spinning wheel features, and fibers used.

For a complete list of topics covered each study year (2005, 2007, 2010, 2013), see the Needlearts Study Overview (in Excel).

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