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Team Captain Results Missive
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Team Captain Results Missive

Hello Team Captains,

The team captain’s role during the results phase is critical. Spinners will submit yardage and photo by email directly to their team captain. The team captains will submit the results to us via an online form.

Here is a link to the form:


Spinning ends at 11:59 pm in the spinner’s time zone on Oct.11.

Yardage Submission form goes live at 9 am EDT On October 12.

Spinner results must be submitted by team captains by 11:59 pm

EDT on Oct 14.

For tips on how to fill out the form, click here.

Eligible Yardage

Only spinners who are on the last roster the team captain receives from Spinzilla may have their results counted. If someone "thought" they signed up but we don't have a receipt from TNNA and they are not on the roster, any spinning they have spun will not be counted towards the total. No team may have more than 25 results for a team. If you have any questions about the spinner’s eligibility, please contact before submitting their results.

Submitting Results

Please make sure you will be available to collect and submit the results by the deadline. If not, the team host will need to submit the name of a person who can receive and submit the results. All spinners on the team will need the email of the person collecting results before spinning ends.

Some spinners on your team may not be able to email or will need help with the photographing their yarn. If possible, please offer to help. The photo is important for our validation of how much was spun. See FAQ for more information on measuring yarn.

Please keep your team results to yourself until Spinzilla announces the winner. We would like your cooperation with keeping the secret until we announce the winner.

Here’s How it Works

  • Spinning ends at Midnight on October 11 in whatever time zone the spinner is in.
  • Spinner measures the yardage, takes photo of yarn spun.
  • Spinner sends the team captain, by email, a picture of yarn spun and yardage.
  • Team captain fills in the spinner results form—one for each spinner
  • Info needed will be: spinner name, spinner email, team name, team captain name submitting results, team captain email, spinner state and country, yardage, photo (please limit to 6MB)
  • Round UP yardage to nearest yard. Only one number is allowed. Example: 12,000 Be careful about the comma and period. 12,000 yards is way different than 12.000 yards. We ask that periods and partial yardage not be submitted.
  • After the team captain has submitted all the spinner results for their team, please email teams@spinzilla.orgto say your results are final.
  • There is no way for the team captain to go in and change the form once it is submitted. If there is a change that has to be made, email with all the information submitted and what needs to be changed.

If you have any questions about the results process, please ask them now. We want this to go smoothly for everyone.


Team Captain Herder

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