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Yarn Group Quest - Winter 2016

The Quest, a fun, interactive event from the Yarn Group, will be happening again this January at the TNNA trade show in San Diego.

The Yarn Group QuestYour participation in this strategic scavenger hunt guarantees that buyers will visit your booth and see your products, giving you the opportunity to meet new potential customers. With the Quest, retailers and designers have a chance to win prizes by finding “treasures” throughout the floor, including INSIDE YOUR BOOTH. The chance to collect scavenger hunt treasures and win prizes encourages retailers to visit participating booths, even if they've already seen your sales rep. You'll have a built in audience! Strut your stuff. Showcase your newest products. The sense of excitement will keep retailers and designers interested in your wares.

How it Works

Retailers and designers receive a list of vendors who have “treasures” to collect as they make their way through the TNNA show. The function of “treasures” is to:

  • Help retailers, designers and vendors meet one another and network.
  • Give retailers and designers meaningful time in your booth to see new products and build relationships with you.

We’re bringing the people to you. Talk to them. Engage them. Show them what you have to offer!

What Kind of Treasure Should You Offer?

The type of item that you offer is up to you, but the ideal thing is something that a buyer can take away with them to try out back in the hotel room or when they return to their store: a ball of yarn, a pattern, a branded item (pen, tape measure, sticky notes, etc.). When someone picks up their treasure, you have the opportunity to explain what the treasure is and why it is important to your company.

Who Can Participate?

Only Yarn Group members may participate in The Quest. We will be limiting participation to one Quester per Yarn Group membership.

To participate, please complete the online form by December 15, 2015. The fee to participate as a Quest Exhibitor is $30, payable at the time you submit the form.

Would You Like Even More Exposure?

We are looking for Yarn Group members to provide our Grand Prize, First Prize and Second Prize for Questers who complete the Quest. In order to be entered into the drawing for these prizes, Questers will need to collect treasures and have their Quest form initialed at 25 exhibitor booths. We are looking for the following items to be donated for these prizes:

  • Airfare for one to the Summer Trade Show in Washington, DC from anywhere in the continental US or Canada (need one donated for the Grand Prize)
  • Hotel room for 4 nights for the Summer Trade Show at the TNNA headquarters hotel in Washington, DC (need one donated for the Grand Prize)
  • $250 coupon for your products (need two donated for the 1st Prize)
  • Free shipping for a year (need two donated for the 1st Prize)
  • $100 coupon for your products (need 3 donated for the 2nd Prize)

We will make sure to let everyone know that you have donated something for one of these prizes. If you are interested in donating, please email This is a first-come/first-served opportunity, so please respond soon.

If you have any questions regarding The Quest, look at the FAQ below. And don’t hesitate to call or email me.

Thank you for considering participating in The Quest in San Diego and for your support of the Yarn Group!

Laura Rasmussen, 3 Kittens Needle Arts
The Quest Chairperson

The Quest FAQ

How many treasures should we bring?

Please prepare for 100 treasures. We have eliminated the requirement to tell us what your treasure is this year, so you can choose to have 100 identical treasures or a variety.

Can a store or designer collect more than one treasure in our booth?

No. Participation is limited to one Quest form per Yarn Group membership. Forms will be distributed at the TNNA registration desk this year so we can make sure only one per membership is given. You will initial the Quest form when Questers receive their treasure from you, preventing them from obtaining another item. Please instruct your staff to initial prior to giving out treasures!

Will stores and designers be rummaging through our booth to find the treasure?

No, they will come to your booth and ask for the treasure. This is your opportunity to engage with them to tell them more about your products!

How will the winners of the Prizes be chosen?

Questers need to obtain 25 initials on their Quest form, indicating that they have visited 25 participating vendors, in order to be eligible for the drawing of the Prize winners. Once they have collected 25 treasures and initials, they will turn their form in at the Yarn Group booth. After the show closes, qualifying forms will be put into the drawing, and winners will be chosen using a random number generator. Winners will be notified by January 20, 2016. We will also inform all vendors who donated items for the Prizes who won their respective item.

What do I need to do?

Confirm your participation in The Quest by filling out and submitting the registration form by December 15, 2015.

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