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TNNA Class Proposal

Submit Your Class Proposal Today for TNNA's 2019 Events - Call for Teacher Proposals

Thank you for your interest in submitting a class proposal for TNNA's 2019 Events - Call for Teacher Proposals. 

The 2019  Call for Teacher Proposals is now open!

Winter Market - January 31 - February 3, 2019 in Portland, OR (education will begin on January 31.)
Summer Trade Show - June 19-23, 2019 in Cleveland, OH (education will begin on June 19.)

 Please contact with any questions. 

  • Please fill out the form completely, as this information will be used in the class registration brochure.
  • Required fields are indicated by a red star (*).

To help you craft your class submissions, and to provide insight into the selection process, below you’ll find information about our selection timeline, review process, and educational goals.

Important Dates

  • August 10 - Call for Teachers Closes
  • Late August - Teacher notifications will be sent
  • September - Registration opens for 2019 Winter Market


Please review these guidelines before completing your application. As part of your application, you must acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms of these Guidelines:

Please note that TNNA's reimbursement policy for Association/Multi Sponsored Classes has changed. You must review the guidelines and accept the terms in order to submit a class for consideration.

Hot Topics

Our members have spoken, and we're listening! For 2019, the following topics have been highly requested by TNNA's membership and will receive priority during the selection process:

  • Business
    • Business Operations & Financial Management
    • Hands-on Social Media Training
    • Sales Best Practices
    • Best Practices for New Shop Owners
    • How to Incorporate New Products
  • Techniques
    • Teaching New Skills in Your Shop
    • New Canvases
    • Fashion Trends for 2019

Submission Review Process

Class submissions for TNNA Trade Shows are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Area of Focus (Business vs Technical)
  • Teacher Selection
  • Submission Detail
  • Member Feedback

All sessions are reviewed by multiple TNNA volunteer reviewers to ensure that the needs of the full membership are represented.

  • For technique classes, submissions are only reviewed by those individuals from that product segment group.
  • Business classes are reviewed by members of all product segment groups.
  • Sessions are given a numerical ranking by each reviewer, and then the results are tallied to determine the average score of those sessions.
  • Sessions are selected based on a combination of average reviewer ranking, target number of sessions for each topic, total impact of a speaker to the schedule, and the need to address specific topics or to introduce new sessions and speakers.

Areas of Focus (Business vs Technical)

Each year, TNNA works to support its members by offering classes that enhance the knowledge of retail owners and staff members around their crafts, and also share the insight and training needed to manage a successful small business.

TNNA focuses its in-person education on two major areas: technique (new or enhanced craft abilities) and business acumen.

  • Technique
    • Technique sessions are broken into the following categories:
      • Knitting/Crocheting
      • Needlepoint
      • Embroidery
      • Weaving
      • Other
    • The number of technique sessions for each category is based on previous years’ registration and evaluations.
    • Sessions that include information on how to utilize this technique to enhance retail businesses are given priority.


  • Business
    • Business sessions are broken into the following categories:
      • Business data made simple – How do you effectively manage your cash flow, plan your marketing, and invest in your future, etc., using data you already have in your business.
      • The Two-Way Conversation – How to engage with your customers (social media, marketing, event planning), and/or how to engage with your vendors (wholesalers, third party) in order to develop a more strategic relationship.
      • Leveraging New Tools and Technology – How to utilize photography, software, mobile devices, etc.
    • The number of business sessions selected is based on prior year registration and attendee/member feedback on important topics.

Teacher Selection

TNNA’s volunteer review teams consider the skills and unique abilities all of our teachers bring to TNNA.

  • Identifying teachers who are able to address multiple topics, speak on a unique or hard-to-find topic, or are presenting new topics at TNNA is a priority in class selection.
  • Additionally, TNNA works to actively promote the inclusion of new teachers in our Trade Show programming.
  • Reviewers consider the strength of each individual submission, the collective impact of a teacher’s classes, and, if applicable, reviews from the teacher’s previous classes at TNNA Trade Shows.

Submission Detail

  • Sessions with a detailed abstract and objectives are more likely to be accepted.
  • Descriptions that include the business application or a plan to market/sell a technique in a shop are preferred.
  • Please include images or supporting materials to help reviewers better understand the class outcomes.

Member Feedback

TNNA strongly considers the feedback and requests from its members when planning its educational programming. Previous session evaluations, member survey results, and conference/webinar evaluations are all factored into the session selection process.

If you have any questions or problems, please Contact Us.


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