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Spinzilla FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Submitting My Yarn FAQsTeam Spinner FAQs | Rogue Spinner FAQs | Team Captain FAQs

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What is Spinzilla?
Spinzilla is a global event designed to increase knowledge and awareness of handspinning. Our goals are:

  • To raise awareness about the joy of spinning yarn by hand
  • To empower spinners to spin more
  • To connect spinners globally and locally
  • To support small business
  • To endow educational programs for the spinners and weavers of tomorrow
  • To spin enough yarn to reach around the globe!

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Why Spinzilla?
Spinning and Weaving Week has been a long-standing tradition in the spinning and weaving community. The Spinning and Weaving Group of TNNA wanted to create an event in which spinners of all skill levels could participate. Spinzilla is first and foremost a celebration of spinning. The competition is designed to motivate spinners to learn new skills, take risks, and spin their hearts out. It is also a fundraiser for the NeedleArts Mentoring Program (NAMP).  NAMP connects adult mentors with school age children to teach the needle arts—spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet, and stitching.

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How does this event work?
Spinners can sign up for a single team based on proximity to a store or an affinity with a certain brand, or go it alone and spin Rogue. When registration is live, a link will be posted on our homepage. Once you have registered, your Team Captain will get in touch with you with more information about your teams goals, events, incentives, and other important information. If you are spinning Rogue, you can visit the Rogue thread on Ravelry for information. You will also receive a newsletter.

Spin time begins at 12:01 a.m. Monday, October 2 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, October 8, regardless of your time zone. You may start spinning as the clock strikes 12:01 a.m. in whatever time zone you live in. Only yarn spun during this week may count towards your total yardage.

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How will the winners be determined?
Registered spinners must submit a photograph of their yarn and how much yardage they spun the week following Spinning and Weaving Week. Team Captains will submit their team's yardage to Spinzilla. Winners will be determined based on these submissions. We combine the scores of smaller teams so every team can reach at least 20 spinners.  You still spin for your team, but your team's total may be combined with another teams total for the competitive total. 

Team captains submit their team's results to Spinzilla via an electronic form that we will provide the Team Captains. In the event that the results are extremely close we will ask the Team Captain to confirm yardage.

Rogue spinners will be asked to submit their yardage directly to Spinzilla. 

The Spinzilla Golden Niddy-Noddy Trophy will be awarded to the team who has spun the most yardage. Each member of the winning team will receive a $25 gift certificate from a participating prize donor. Rogue and Most Yardage Spun winners will receive a small market basket filled with fiber and Golden Niddy-Noddy Trophy of their own.

All Spinzilla participants will be entered into random drawings for $25 gift certificates. Any spinner that spins more than a mile (1,760 yds), will have their name entered into an additional prize pool for a second chance to win a gift certificate. Winners will be listed in post on the Spinzilla blog. Suppliers of the gift certificate will be given the winners name and email and the donor is responsible for contacting the winners.  If your name is on the list and you don't receive an email from the donor please contact All gift certificates must be used by March 2018. Learn more about our sponsors and prize donors here.

Results will be posted on our results page.  

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How can I form a team?
Visit the Host a Team page for details.

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Sheepzill and GlobeCan spinners outside of the United States participate?
Yes! Spinzilla went global in 2014! Spinners who live in any part of the world are welcome to participate. All spinners must have an email address and be comfortable with using the internet to get information. Spinzilla will not be in touch via snail mail! Winning spinners outside the US and Canada must agree to accept their $25 gift certificate in the form of an electronic download.

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Are there sponsorships available?
We are currently accepting sponsors for 2017. This is a great way to get your name in front of thousands of spinners. Please contact Emily Marxer at for more information.

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Where will the proceeds go?
SWG_CD_Label_BluewOrangeTo date, Spinzilla has raised over $35,000 for The TNNA Foundation! With this new infusion of funds the crafts of spinning and weaving have been integrated into the program. 

Team registration and sponsorship fees support Spinzilla’s administrative and promotional expenses.

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What is the TNNA Foundation?
The TNNA Foundation creates community partnerships which promote and encourage relationships between adults and youth, fostering curiosity, creativity and a feeling of achievement through the teaching of needle arts. 

The upcoming focus of the Foundation Board of Trustees will be identifying opportunities both to generate contributions for the Foundation. Look for new initiatives designed to recognize dedication and service to the prospect development field.

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What is The National Needlearts Association (TNNA)?
TNNA is an organization of companies, shops and designers that supports the world of knit, crochet, needlepoint, counted thread, embroidery, spinning and weaving. For more information, visit

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What is the Spinning and Weaving Group (SWG)?
SWG's mission is to ensure a vibrant marketplace by promoting the joys of handspinning and weaving. SWG is a product segment group of TNNA. It consists of TNNA members who have spinning and weaving related businesses or are supporters of the efforts to promote these activities. You must be a member of TNNA to join SWG. To learn more about SWG, visit

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Who is organizing Spinzilla?
Spinzilla is an initiative of the SWG, a product segment group of TNNA and managed by TNNA Headquarters and a volunteer committee.

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Submitting My Yarn FAQ

When can I start Spinning?
Spin time begins at 12:01 a.m. Monday, October 2 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, October 8. This is regardless of your time zone -- you may start spinning as the clock strikes 12:01 a.m. in whatever time zone you live in.

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When is the yardage due and where do I submit my results?

Results can be submitted anytime from Monday morning, October 9, at 10 am Central Daylight Time to 12:00 am midnight Friday, October 13, Eastern Daylight Time.

Team spinners, please submit your yardage and documentation photo to your team captain as soon as possible after spinning has stopped. All you need to do is email your captain a documentation photo of your yarn and your total yardage, he or she will submit this information on your behalf to Spinzilla. In the email, include your name that you registered with,  your yardage in YARDS, as one number, not text. Round up to the nearest whole number. An example would be, instead of 1000.2 yards, enter into the form, 1001. Team Captains will submit the results from their team following the link provided in the Team Captain email with the final roster.  Only spinners who are registered and are on each teams final roster will have their results counted. 

Rogue spinners, please submit your yardage and photo directly to Spinzilla. Information on how to submit your yardage will be emailed to each Rogue spinner. You will follow the yardage link and enter the information asked for, your yardage, as one number, round up to the next whole number and no text, and attach a photo of your yardage and submit. An example would be, instead of 1000.2 yards, enter into the form, 1001.

You are submitting the total yardage of singles you spun, plus your plying credit if you choose to ply.  See, "Can I ply my yarn?" below for how to calculate your plied yardage.  All yarn must be spun during Spinzilla and only by the person submitting the yardage.

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How do I measure my yarn?
Many new spinners are anxious about measuring their yarn. Part of the purpose of Spinzilla is to help you tackle new spinning challenges and build your skills. When measuring, use a method that works for you and that will give you the best results. Keep in mind that all yarn must be spun during Spinzilla and only by the person submitting the yardage. 

For more information about measuring your yarn, refer to the Spinzilla Measuring Yarn post on Interweave or Finishing Your Yarn by Lee Juvan on Knittyspin. If you have a question that you can’t find answers for, jump on the “Questions” thread of our Ravelry forum or email us

If you are using a niddy noddy here is a handy tracking sheet that you may use.

If you choose to ply your yarn, we recommend that you measure your yarn after you ply but before you wash and set it. See "Can I ply my yarn?" below for more details.

Spinzilla functions on the honor system, and we know that all spinners will do their best. 

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Can I ply my yarn?
All yarn must start as fiber and be spun during Spinzilla—singles and plied yarn. If you choose to ply your yarn during Spinzilla, we will give you credit for the plying! Plying is "spinning" and measuring plied yarn is easier than measuring singles yarn. This is totally optional—you don't have to ply your yarn at all.

Here is how to calculate your total yardage that you will submit for Spinzilla credit:

Measure your plied yarn using a method that you are comfortable with and record this number. Multiply this number by the number of plies. This is your singles yardage Add these two numbers together for your total yardage credit.

For example, if you spin two bobbins of singles and then ply them into a 2-ply yarn that measures 1,000 yards, you would be given credit for 3,000 yards. 1,000 yards for the plied yarn + 2,000 yards for singles that made up that yarn.

The formula works like this:

[plied yardage] + [plied yardage x # of plies] = yardage for which you can claim credit

Chain or Navajo ply is a 3-ply yarn.

The intention of giving plying credit is to make measuring your yarn easier. You may only claim credit for plying once per skein. Techniques such as cable plying where you ply twice are only eligible for plying credit once. Plying with a commercial binder is not eligible for plying credit. All singles used in plying must be spun during Spinzilla.

For more information, see "How do I measure my yarn."

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Will we get to see everyone's yarn? We encourage everyone to post their photos to their team Ravelry thread or in the Rogue thread if you are spinning solo.

picture collage

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Team Spinner FAQ

How do I sign up for a team?
Team spinner registration dates for 2017 will be September 1-30. You may join any team that has an opening. You may only register for ONE team. To see a full list of teams, visit the team page here on

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Why Does it Cost $15?
Spinzilla is about sharing the joy of spinning with others. Your spinning-business community is supporting the administration and marketing components of Spinzilla through team registration fees and sponsorship. Spinners are supporting the NeedleArts Mentoring Program (NAMP) that fosters the spinners of tomorrow. The entire fee for participation will be donated to NAMP. Please see general FAQ to learn more about the charitable goals of Spinzilla.

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Where Do I Go to Spin for My Team?
You can spin anywhere anytime!  Many teams are hosting spin-ins and other social events during Spinzilla.  Check with your team captain.  If you are spinning Rogue your local team host is happy to have you drop in on the fun.

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How Do I Contact my Team Captain?
Team Captains should contact you the week after you register. If you have a question or issue prior to being contacted, please email us at You can also keep up with your team and Team Captain on your team thread on Ravelry in the Spinzilla group.

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How do I measure and submit my yarn?
Spinners will submit their yardage and a photo of their yarn to their Team Captain. We require that the Team Captain submit the yardage spun by each spinner to Spinzilla. If there is a question about the yardage submitted, we may require the yarn be measured by a third party. 

Measuring a plied yarn is easier than measuring a singles yarn. If you choose to ply your yarn, we recommend that you measure your yarn after you ply, but before you wash and set it.

If you choose not to ply your yarn, we recommend that you use a niddy noddy, yardage counter with a reel or swift, or a yarn balance. These methods will give you the best results for measuring singles.

For more information about measuring your yarn, refer to the Spinzilla Measuring Yarn post on Interweave or Finishing Your Yarn by Lee Juvan on Knittyspin. If you have a question that you can’t find answers for, jump on the “Questions” thread of our Ravelry forum or email us at

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How Do I Report My Progress?
Participants will report progress directly to their team captains. Feel free to share your photos, comments and other spinning joys on our Spinzilla social media channels. Use the #spinzilla hashtag to search for other spinners.

How Do I Get the Most Out of Spinzilla? Spinzilla isn’t just a spinning contest, it’s a time for you to expand your spinning horizons, commune with other like-minded spinners on your team, contribute to the collective yardage that makes the yarn universe and beyond take note, and feel good knowing your fee goes to the NeedleArts Mentoring Program (NAMP) to support future spinners. You’ll get the most out of your experience by taking advantage of the educational components including our blog out, engaging with our social media channels and staying in touch with your team captain and other team members! We also think it would be super cool if we could collectively spin enough yarn to wrap around the globe one day, but then we are dreamers! Make your own personal goal and share it.

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Rogue Spinner FAQ

What is a Rogue Spinner?
Rogue spinners are those that spin unaffiliated from a team and register as an individual spinner. Rogue spinners spin like mad during Spinzilla just like everyone else. They compete against other Rogue spinners for Top Spinner in their group and are eligible to win random prizes and the top spinner wins a market basket filled with goodies.

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How does a Rogue spinner submit their yarn?
Rogue spinners will submit their results directly to Spinzilla.  Stay tuned for details.

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Are Rogue spinners eligible for prizes?
Yes! They will be put in the prize pool with everyone else for random prize drawings.

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Can I change my mind and join a team?
Yes! If you registered as a Rogue spinner, but would like to switch to a team, you may do so up until the close of registration. Email

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Team Captain FAQ

How Do I Add Team Members?
Direct potential participants Spinzlla's online team registration.

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How do I Stay in Touch With My Team?
During spinner registration, TNNA Headquarters will provide team captains a weekly roster of spinners who have registered for their team during open spinner registration.  Here are the three biggies for staying in touch with your team:

  • Welcome each new member and tell them where you will be primarily hanging out during the event.
  • Choose one primary way to communicate with your team, whether via e-mail, newsletter, blog, Facebook, or Ravelry – whichever works best for your business.
  • Your team will have a thread in the Spinzilla Ravelry group. Check in on your team thread weekly even if that is not where your spinners are spending most of their time. Potential spinners are often looking through the threads to see who is having the most fun.  Staying active will recruit more spinners to your team.

With each roster,  TNNA Headquarters will send weekly updates with information you can pass onto your spinners, suggestions on how to make the most of the event, and other Spinzilla news. If you have any question or need assistance during the event, please email TNNA Headquarters at

You can keep up to date with Spinzilla happenings and your team by searching for the #Spinzilla or #spinzilla2017 hashtag or the hashtag established by your team.

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How will Spinzilla keep me informed?
Once you have officially registered your team, you will receive an official Team Welcome Packet full of information about how to be the host with the most. We will send you out an e-blast with any critical information prior to spinner registration owning. Watch our blog and other channels for up-to-the-minute information. Email with any questions.

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How do I Inspire My Team?

Spinners love the connections they make with other spinners during the event.  They are looking for teams that stay connected to their spinners. This is not only the way to build a successful team, it is a way to build life-long customers! You can inspire your team with different challenges that you want to put forth to your team. If you are part of a team that loves to spin one type of fiber, you may want to issue a challenge to your team to see who can spin the greatest variety of breeds. If your team is made up of people who love to spin fine yarns, a challenge to spin a fat/funky/chunky thread might get your team thinking outside their comfort zone and learning new techniques. Feel free to think of new ways to generate enthusiasm, encourage education, and inspire spinner to try new things!

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